Five Mind Numbing Facts About Parenting

Five Mind Numbing Facts About Parenting

Being a parent is both an exciting and a challenging experience. Most people focus on the exciting parts of parenthood and ignore the challenging aspects. Therefore, one needs to understand the harsh realities of parenthood before they can begin the amazing journey.

The following are five mind-numbing facts about parenting that one should know before they begin the parenting journey:

1. Parenting has no Learning Curve

The parenting learning curve keeps going up and up as each day comes with new challenges. You might have learned a lot of things while raising a firstborn but each child is unique and one might discover new challenges while raising other children. Each child has different developmental pacing, tastes, and temperament. Therefore, one cannot easily feel that they are on top of things when it comes to parenting.

2. Expect Moments of Helplessness

Most parents are always willing and ready to do everything within their ability to guarantee the safety and happiness of their child. However, parents should understand they do not have complete control over their child’s life.

There some instances where a parent may not have direct control over what happens to their children at the playground, school, or home. Most parents go out of their way to try and know the state of their children at any given moment but this next to impossible. Parents have to accept the fact that they cannot be near their kids all the time.

3. Every Parenting Decision is very Critical

Human beings are not perfect and are bound to say or do something wrong from time to time. However, one cannot afford to keep on making wrong parenting decision as they might end up influencing the type of child they raise.

Parents are expected to make split-second decisions every day, and it is important to make the right decisions. It is a good idea to apologize to your child or children when you make a mistake and move on after making a mistake as children are more likely to move on as soon as possible.

As a parent, one has to decide what their children eat on a daily basis as this contributes to their health and overall development. In most instances, parents have to prepare shakes and smoothies for their children, and this means that one must have the right blender at home. You can read more here for insights on the types of blenders for preparing shakes and smoothies at home.

4. Expect Loss of Privacy

Kids are more likely to interrupt you while dressing, in the bathroom, and the toilet. It is not a surprising thing if your four-year-old child opens the bathroom door and finds you naked. However, this can change with time as they grow up to understand the meaning of privacy and patience. Therefore, privacy while raising kids is in most cases limited.

5. Your Baby Might Insult You

Most potential parents cannot imagine being insulted by their own child, but this a harsh reality that one must face in the parenting journey. A growing child has mood swings and it is not surprising if they say something insulting when they are in a bad mood. Most children resist change, and it is something you should expect as a parent.

Parenting is a very exciting and at the same time challenging responsibility. Some of the mind-numbing things about parenthood that one should expect include; lack of a learning curve, moments of helplessness, split-second decision making, loss of privacy, and insults from a child. Therefore, potential parents should be ready to deal with such issues.


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