Frugal Home Security Solutions for Families

Families can’t afford security cameras and advanced technology to prevent home invasions or theft. With the rising cost of living in most major metropolitan areas in the U.S., parents would rather spend extra money towards groceries, movie tickets for their children, or for a pizza night at home neighbors.

Even though parents think they can’t afford superfluous and outrageous home security systems, there are other solutions to protect your house. Investing in a few of these frugal security measures will reduce the likelihood of a burglary occurring at your home.

1. Create Security Fronts with Signs

Simple signs warning visitors or potential trespassers of dogs and security systems deter them from entering your property. Place home security stickers on the front and rear entrance doors. Criminals do not want to deal with the hassle of an annoying security system that creates panic while alerting the authorities instantly.

Frugal Home Security Solutions for Families

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The time frame between the alarm going off and authorities arriving has reduced significantly lover the years. Criminals have little to no time to steal valuables.

If you think a sign isn’t enough warning, then there are actual home security systems for the frugal family that effectively protect your house. In Florida, you could checkout Orlando ADT security to fortify your home against intruders. If a criminal thinks you’re bluffing with the sign, they’ll sadly be mistaken when that home alarm sounds.

2. Rely on Man’s Best Friend

If you’re seeking a more natural way to protect your home and family, then adopting a homeless dog is the right way to go. Most canines are natural guard dogs. They quickly sense an unknown presence outside near the home and instantly start barking as a warning. This instinct is ingrained within them.

When away from the house, a dog’s constant barking signals neighbors of a possible intrusion. Also, there are cheaper options for adopting dogs than local rescues or breeders. Most rescues require an adoption fee ranging from $100-350 dollars or more depending on its previous medical care and age. Instead visit the local pound. Countless animals go unclaimed without a home and if not adopted, they’ll most likely see their end soon. Give a dog a home and it will protect that home.

3. Motion Sensor Lights

Contrary to what home owners may believe, motion sensor outdoor lights aren’t that expensive. These little investments will protect your home’s exterior from lurking intruders and burglars. The lights warn you or neighbors of suspicious activity.

Any outdoor or indoor lighting scares away these criminals. Usually intruders think people are home due to indoor lights and televisions on. Take advantage of the built in timers for lights and even the TV. This simple security solution doesn’t waste electricity due to the timers while it wards off trespassers.

4. Protect Your Identity

Parents often worry about criminals breaking into their homes, but they typically overlook the importance of protection against identity theft. The internet is flooded with potential 419 scams, pyramid schemes, and “too good to be true” deals that suck in victims. If you become a victim of such financial loss, you should actually be more worried about the loss of personal information instead of money.

Most new criminals target personal information to sell on the black market to illegal credit card producers. Though any financial setback could debilitate your family. Perhaps if such an unfortunate event occurs, you’ll have to use that emergency fund. Fortify your home against identity theft by investing in a paper shredder, ensuring your home’s Wi-Fi security, and installing a locked mail box outside.

Author Bio: Author Abby Evans is a mother and freelance journalist currently reviewing health options for her family.

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