Give Back By Giving A gIft from the World Vision’s Gift Catalog

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This Christmas join the movement to help end extreme poverty with World Vision’s Gift Catalog. For the first time in history, the World Bank is forecasting the number of people living in extreme poverty around the world will fall to under 10% of the global population by the end of this year.


This holiday season, the Christian humanitarian agency World Vision is giving shoppers over 100 ways to join the movement to end extreme poverty by providing life-saving gifts through the 2015 World Vision Gift Catalog. In fiscal year 2015 alone, more than 122,000 donors gave more than 297,000 items from the Gift Catalog helping more than 650,000 people around the world.You can buy a gift for someone less fortunate, you can change lives of children living in poverty. Around 400 million children in the world under the ages of 13 live in extreme poverty. Especially in the U.S, extreme poverty has hit a high, over 1.6 million households with children are living on less than $2 per person, per day.

Give Back By Giving A gIft from the World Vision's Gift Catalog

This Christmas shoppers can help fight poverty by improving the lives of children with life-saving gifts from the 2014 World Vision Gift Catalog. This 2015 Christmas season marks the 20th annual edition of the World Vision Gift Catalog, it has been around since 1996.

Shoppers do not have to spend fortune to bring about tremendous social change. Gifts in World Vision’s Gift Catalog range from $16 to $39,000 and can be purchases in a loved one’s name. Shoppers can also choose to send a personalized card describing the gift and its impact.

Some examples of life changing gifts include:

-Feeding a family in the U.S for a day for $18, give a child a backpack full of school supplies for $22 or help disaster relief in the U.S for $40

-Gift a goat for $75. A goat will not on,y nourish a hungry family with to 16 cups of milk a day, but the surplus milk can also be sold at the market for extra income to buy school supplies or medicine. Even the manure from the goat can be used at fertilizer to fertilize crops and vegetable gardens.

-Give kids in developing countries the books and tools they need to fulfill their potential and lift themselves out of poverty. A gift of $100 provides $800 worth of supplies likes textbooks, desks, teaching materials, and more.

-You can make a donation buy something for yourself, friend or family member. Buying things like coffee, totes, jewelry, and servings spoons. The money will be donated to help children in need around the world.

-Teach children in Africa about the importance of good hygiene with a Sesame Street WASH UP! Kit. For $100 shoppers can donate a kit with colorful printed materials, engaging videos, and fun activities featuring Sesame Street’s new Muppet; Raya and her friend Elmo.

On this year’s cover of World Vision’s Gift Catalog is a six-year-old girl named Chania Niyonyishu. She’s from the African country of Burundi, a country where an estimated 58% of children under 5 are stunted due to malnutrition.

I had the chance in reviewing a beautiful gift, the hand-carved African Soapstone Box. It’s a perfect place to store necklaces, rings, and other small trinkets.

Give Back By Giving A gIft from the World Vision's Gift Catalog

This unique handmade gift is etched by talented artisans in Kenya who use this sustainable resource to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. This hand-crafted box is a beautiful blue color with giraffes on the front, I love it so much, I keep some jewelry that I wear everyday in it and small little trinkets that could get lost elsewhere.

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