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With Hallmark Signature Greetings expressing love for your friends and loved ones has never been easier. Think of a good friend (online or offline) who’s been there for you or who has played an important role in your life. That you would like to show your love and appreciation to. Hallmark is just the place to find that perfect gift for anyone. At Christmas time I talked about Hallmarks wonderful Interactive Storybuddy and other beautiful gifts. Today I have more Hallmark fun to share with you and that is Hallmark’s Blooming Expressions with Music, Special Delivery Card Presenters for Kids, Signature Greetings and Light Reveal Cards.

Hallmark Signature Greetings

Hallmark Signature Greetings

Hallmark’s Blooming Expressions with Music is a A rose that sits in a white vase labeled “You make life beautiful.” This is a great way to surprise someone truly special in your life. Takes 3 AAA batteries that are included. With a special flower that blooms and plays a tune when you press a button. As the music plays and the bloom opens it reveals a loving message.

Blooming Expressions with Music

Blooming Expressions with Music

Hallmark’s Special Delivery Card Presenters for Kids are beautiful clothe cards for kids. Cards in this collection feature cute characters with cool creative Valentine messages tucked inside. Hallmark’s Card Presenters has unique new designs with embellishments and a card that slides inside that is also included. These are perfect for carrying little treasures or putting goodies in as a gift. Kids will be even more excited to see the card within. The fabric is soft, durable and perfect for little hands.

Hallmark’s Signature Collection are beautiful handcrafted cards with beautiful papers, rich textures and embellishments. These cards are truly unique and extremely well made.  Some embellishments that can later be used. Such as one I received has a a small chalk board and chalk for writing messages. A card like this is sure to brighten someones day.

Hallmark’s Light Reveal Cards are an all new type of greeting that uses lights to reveal messages! Simply press the button labeled clearly on the front of the card to reveal a special message. Someone receiving this special gift from you will know you went out of your way to tell them how special they really are.

Hallmark Signature Greetings

These are all such wonderful products for gift giving this Valentines Day. I personally recommend Hallmark as a brand you can trust will put smiles on everyone’s face.

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