How to Make More Money to Fund Your Dream Trip

How to Make More Money to Fund Your Dream Trip

Have you booked your dream vacation? Perhaps you are still planning for that ultimate trip to experience the world. If you’d think the biggest thing stopping you from achieving the dream, you’d probably point out to the cost of travel. Taking time off from work and jetting off around the world is not cheap. But the good news is that you can make and save money to fund your dream trip with a few simple tricks. Here’s how to do it.

Get rid of the extra stuff

If you are planning a dream trip, you should consider getting rid of certain things you would otherwise leave behind. Look around your home and think what are the things you actually need. All those CDs, books and clothes could end up living you plenty of pocket money to enjoy your trip more. Attachment to material things can be costly and you could earn while breaking this cycle of buying and hoarding. Furthermore, if you are having a longer holiday, it might be worth to consider renting your home or room. You can even earn a bit of money  by renting out your car or bicycle to someone in need. You won’t need these while you are travelling, so you might as well make some money with them!

Share your travels

Travelling doesn’t have to be just about relaxing and having fun. In fact, you can do all that while also earning money! The experiences you have can make you a bit of money in different ways. First, you could write about your trip to a travel website or a lifestyle magazine. It can be especially easy to sell your story if you are doing something out of the ordinary – travelling alone, doing it with a strict budget, living amongst the locals and so on. If you want, you could even start blogging and get affiliated with travel organisations or local companies. If you’re not into writing, you can get yourself a good camera from Camera Paradise and start taking photos during your travel. You can sell your photos to travel blogs or companies, and even upload them to sites like Dreamstime to earn money.

Work while travelling

You could also consider working while travelling to fund your stay. There are plenty of ways to do this on a part-time basis. The ability to work at a local organisation can also be a great way to learn more about the culture and make friends! If you’re good at teaching – either a language or a specific skill – you could consider visiting sites like For the adventurer, the website ExplorersConnect is great for finding unusual jobs. It might also be possible to find bar jobs for something quick and simple.

How to Make More Money to Fund Your Dream Trip

Of course, freelancing online is something you should consider. TheUpWork platform will allow you to perform online-based jobs, such as website design or accounting, from anywhere in the world. Just pack your laptop with you and get going. If you’re currently employed, it might be worth asking if you can work while travelling! Depending on your job, your employer might be more than happy to allow you to ‘work from home’, ensuring you can travel without having to take a break from your day job.

Make more by saving money

Finally, you don’t necessarily have to earn more money to fund your dream trip. If you are willing to put your time and effort into it, you can plan a fantastic dream with just the fraction of the cost of booking with travel agents. Saving money with flights and accommodation might not be easy, but it is worth the search. Furthermore, you could even save money on experiences and eating out at your destination if you know where to look.

How to Make More Money to Fund Your Dream Trip

The key is to avoid booking the first thing you see. Use different travel portals and comparison sites to find more information about your options. Sites like and are  great places to start. You also want to check with the airlines and the accommodation directly, as hotels like Premier Inn and even certain airlines have bonus schemes and savings campaigns you won’t find from travel portals. If you are interested in eating out, seeing shows or going on tours; you can search for some coupon codes which will make your dream trip more affordable

The above ways will help you fund your dream trip by earning just a bit more money. Be creative and use your talents to your advantage. A holiday doesn’t have to be a costly affair!

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