How to Pass an Interview With a Disabled Adult

How to Pass an Interview With a Disabled Adult

Disability is not inability. You have probably heard that phrase a thousand times over. However, in an era where joblessness is in triple digits, disabled persons who have equally attained a degree or even a diploma think they stand no chance of securing.  

This post will shed light on how persons living with a disability can ace an interview; thereby earn job placements without having to feel pitied. It is because everyone deserves an employment opportunity.   But, before going into the details, the following are worth noting:

Public Sensitization on Disability

It always seems like the next biggest crisis in the world is not an economic meltdown but having to deal with the surging numbers of unemployment. But, a million dollar question is; can a disabled adult secure job positions under these tricky circumstances? Well, when you look at it from interview point of view, interesting facts about the statistics of underprivileged who are gainfully employed would come to the fore.

It is noteworthy that with increased public sensitization on the need to consider physically challenged persons for employment opportunities in the U.S.A and beyond, the percentage of people with special needs working in both public and private sectors is on the rise.  That alone should serve as a foolproof reason that anyone can apply for a position without having to feel down-trodden.

It is always about what you can do

People, including those who are physically impaired, have varying skill endowment. The fact that one is on a wheelchair or uses hearing aid shouldn’t be a discouraging factor when looking for a job. Employers are increasingly becoming interested in what you can do, not how you look like.

Acing the Interview: Tips for adults living with disability challenges

While everyone has an equal chance of passing a job interview, people with a disability always have a million questions racing through the mind. For example, the thought of wheeling one’s self into the interview room can be nerve-wracking. How are they going to treat you? What will be going through their minds? Will they think you cannot deliver?

These and many other questions can discourage one from applying for a position, something which also brings to the fore another important concern before the bid day. Are you supposed to let TypeMyEssays reveal your disability on a resume before attending the interview? Well, experts have weighed into this matter, and what usually comes out is that if it would limit one’s chance of getting shortlisted, then there isn’t a need for it.

That is not all. The following are more interview tips for disabled persons seeking employment opportunities:

Before the D-day

Well, preparation is always the key to succeeding at anything, including acing job interviews, and so, the following should help one brace for face-to-face grilling by an interviewing panel:

    • Research about the company beforehand. Read the business policy, mission statement, and vision. You will be able to tell if they cater to the needs of the society regardless of people’s physical limitations. This could be a booster to your employment hopes but do not use it to defend yourself during an interview.
    • It is also important to find out everything about the place, whether there is parking space, interviewer, and transportation for shortlisted candidates, entry pass and among other concerns.
    • Brainstorm on how you will handle questions regarding your disability and if it is not visible, should you reveal it on the big day?
    • Think about how you will respond to questions regarding employment gaps and disability benefits.
    • Brainstorm on possible other questions the interviewer will shoot.
  • Make sure to dress for the occasion.

During the Interview

Here are tips for the big day presumably, after cross-checking the above tips at the preparation have been handled.

  • Exude Confidence

How else will you show potential or ability if not through confidence? Do not let your situation weigh you down. Face the interviewing panel with ‘I can do this attitude.’  It is always the first impression everyone will be looking for.

  • Listen attentively

When it comes to answering questions, hurrying to get over them could ruin things. Listen and take your time, then give a well-thought-out answer.  That earns you the highest score on intelligence.

  • Be cheerful

It is you to create a happy mood during the interview, and it takes wistfulness.  You could crack a few jokes, but within the questions, you are answering. That scores you highly on creativity.

  • Show composure

While it could be visible that one is physically challenged, do not let it bog you down. Avoid imagining what the panel thinks about your situation. Composure and calmness win it all for you. Take a few deep breaths if necessary.

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