How To Stop The Effects of Noise Pollution On Your Body & Mind

How To Stop The Effects of Noise Pollution On Your Body & Mind

With the rising trends in technology and urban growth, noise has become part of our daily lives. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to live with the noise all your life. In this article, we will share some tips on how to stop noise pollution from affecting your body and mind.

Noise is everywhere, and your own home isn’t exempt from it. No matter what your dream house would look like, it’s going to turn into a nightmare when you fail to address noise pollution.

Impact of Noise Pollution

Although not as notoriously popular as air pollution or solid waste, noise pollution is a global issue that shouldn’t be disregarded. In fact, the effects of noise pollution may become severe and unnerving. Here are some of them:

Physical body

Some of the direct effects of noise involve our own bodies. The most common dangers of exposure to
noise pollution include hearing loss, tinnitus (or ringing in the ears), and extremely sensitive hearing.
On top of this, too much noise causes a lot of stress, which in turn may lead to hypertension, increased
breathing rate and heart rate, and disruption in the digestive system’s processing. Others, meanwhile,
have also experienced migraine.


As disturbing sounds enter our ears, these signals are sent to the brain for processing. Being exposed to a traumatic wave of noise may cause mind-related issues such as reduced concentration, inability to focus, poorer learning and reception of ideas, mood swings, and a higher risk of aggressive behavior.

How To Address Noise Pollution

The best way to protect yourself from these adverse effects is to eliminate or reduce noise pollution. Here are some ways to make sure that you’re not constantly bombarded by the noise around you:

Find the source, and address it (if possible)

The best way to remove noise around you is finding the source of that particularly annoying sound, and try to address it. You may have control over some of them – say, a noisy old dryer or the rock music in your brother’s room. As for noise sources that you don’t have control over, let’s just say that you still have more options below!

Soundproof your home

Most of your resting hours are spent at home, and so you need to ensure that your house is a haven of peace and quiet. One way of achieving this is to add soundproofing to your home, such as installing soundproof windows, filling door and window cracks, and adding sound-absorbing materials inside the home.

The soundproof windows and doors can already prevent much of the outside noise from coming in. Say goodbye to noise, and say hello to a peaceful sleep!

Use devices that remove noise 

Earplugs and noise-cancelling headphones have become more of a necessity for many people, especially those living in the city. These ear pieces are inexpensive, and they can instantly protect you from the noise in your surroundings.

Plant trees around your area

Shrubs, trees, and other plants have been discovered to be natural noise protectors, especially when they’re placed near the source of the noise. Try to grow a natural plant wall between you and the source of the noise.

By addressing noise pollution, you can stop its effects on your body and mind. That way, you can live the
best possible life that you can ever enjoy – free from distraction and away from blaring sounds.

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