InaTrap Mosquito Trap Review

Most recently I had the pleasure in reviewing the New Style InaTrap Mosquito Trap. This high-tech insect catcher ensures a safe and bug-free environment.

It is elegant, simple, small, and effective. It’s much better than having a cage-like mosquito trap. With it’s smooth curve design and soothing LED lights, InaTrap perfectly fits in your house anytime and anywhere.

It’s wonderful with it’s light-weighted body at 3 pounds can be easily picked up and carried around. it is available in baby blue and pastel purple.

Also, InaTrap combines photocatalyst reaction with their built-in fan, while producing a small amount of carbon dioxide to lure those pesky Mosquitos in. Then the built-in fan simply sucks them in the trap! It’s patented technology eliminates insects without the use of chemicals, propane or unsightly equipment.




Thankfully, it is not only easy to use and clean, it is designed to be 100% noiseless and safe! There was no set-up involved, it was put together already in the box. I just had to pull it out and plug it in and turn it on.

I put it on my back porch, where I hang out the a lot with my family. I had never seen so many moths and mosquitoes out there. You see I recently left the door open, so one of my cats could come back in that ran out the door.  Which caused all these bug in just one night! So we plugged it in and waited and not more than 10 seconds of it being on, two Mosquitos already flew right into it.

I loved the design. It is very cute and futuristic looking. If you are looking for something unique that doesn’t yell out, “I’m a bug zapper!” Something more stylish, the InaTrap is for you, with its unique Chinese design.

The InaTrap has a three- stage on/off functions (on, 8hr, off), you can set your own turn on time by simply touching the power button. The life span of the LED Light Bulb / Fan : 20,000 / 50,000 hours.

I really liked the fact that it doesn’t make any sound when it kills Mosquitos. It’s silent, and that’s just perfect, because the last thing I want is some weird annoying sound to pop and zap scary the day lights out of me while I’m trying to work.

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  1. Rachel Howe says

    Does this work inside the house safely?

  2. Kristina L. says

    ohhhhh I want one!!! I live in Oklahoma and those things love me!

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