Interior Design Tricks to Make Your Family Spaces Seem Bigger

Do you wish your living spaces were bigger? Well, there are some clever design tricks you can employ to give the illusion of a more spacious home. Read on for simple interior design concepts that can change how a room feels.

Love the light

Let as much natural light in to your home as possible. The more light that bounces around your interiors, the more spacious they appear. Forget complicated and elaborate window treatments and maximize light flow into the room by installing streamlined, wooden shutters. Adjustable interior shutters are minimal and neat and do not eat into the space of the room. They allow tight control over light levels and are elegant and stylish. When painted a soft pastel shade to match interior walls, shutters will recede, tricking the eye into thinking the space is larger and more airy.

Clever color

Avoid large expanses of deep color because this sucks light from the room, making it feel small. Opt for a harmonious pale palette and get busy with oyster, mushroom, blush pink and cool, reflective pastels. Color junkies who crave a burst of something vivid should accessorize with cushions, lamps or rugs in favorite deep shades.

Scale it down

Do not shrink the dimensions of a small room by filling it with large furniture. Of course a small bedroom will look swamped with a king size bed. Instead, seek something more size appropriate and marvel at the additional space that magically appears.

A big over-stuffed sofa and armchairs may look comfortable in the spacious showroom, but before you buy them, imagine how they would look in your smaller living space. Always take a tape measure when you shop for furniture, and have details of the dimensions of rooms, doorways, stairwells and other appropriate fixtures in your home. There are many fine-boned and elegant sofa solutions that are compact and comfortable, perfect for confined spaces.

Trick the eyes

Experimenting with optical illusions is another way of creating more spaciousness. Horizontal or diagonal stripes across a floor can have the subtle effect of widening a room. Painting geometric designs such as Herringbone pattern directly onto floorboards is a way of achieving this effect. In rooms with low ceilings, you can create the impression of height by using wallpaper designs with upward, vertical stripes. Alternatively, try subtly grading the color of painted walls to a lighter shade as it reaches upwards to the ceiling. This can create the optical illusion of increased height in a room.

A mirror placed at the end of a hall tricks the eye into thinking it is an endless corridor. Other mirror magic tricks you can try are placing a large looking glass opposite a window to reflect light and double your view. Mirrors adjacent to windows do a good job of tricking the eye into thinking the window is larger, and the room brighter. A mirror in a dark alcove is a wonderful way of opening up a redundant space.

Don’t let cramped living spaces get in the way of you and your family spending quality time together. Make your home seem spacious with these simple interior design ideas, and you will see the difference with your own eyes.

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