Intplay Erupting Volcano Crater Factory Review

Intplay sent me a WILD Science Kit Erupting Volcano Crater Factory called in exchange for my honest opinion. WILD! Science is a registered and recognized internationally brand. They represent premium manufactured quality products, premium designs, they have the defiance and safety this kind of company needs to have, as well as keeping great play and the value of learning in their products. WILD! Science has never affiliated with ‘cheapness’ in any part of their products.

My two kids attending school have been on summer vacation for about 2 weeks now, and even though they are not in school I would be nice for them to have a little educational fun once and a while. Hearing about Intplay WILD! Science kits, I knew they had what I needed.

Intplay Erupting Volcano Crater Factory Review

Intplay Erupting Volcano Crater Factory Review

Intplay Erupting Volcano Crater Factory Review

Intplay Erupting Volcano Crater Factory Review

Intplay Erupting Volcano Crater Factory Review

I had the opportunity to review one of their wonderful products: Erupting Volcano Crater Factory. A completely different double crater volcano kit with color changing mineral springs and a volcanic bomb factory.

At first I just thought it had some baking soda and food coloring and we would just add the water, No! This was more advanced than that, there were actually chemicals in it. Citric Acid and Sodium Bicarbonate. Even though these projects are made for younger kids they always have a warning label for them to be conducted with an adult. I was quite aware of the dangers, but then again nothing bad could happen if I follow the directions completely.

Since my kids have been out of school; my 15 year old and 7 year old, I gave it to them to try out and play with. Of course I was watched over them, making sure they did everything correctly and were safe.

Intplay Erupting Volcano Crater Factory Review

The Erupting Volcano Crater Factory contained:

-Universal Indicated paper( pH strips)
-2 plastic spoons
-lava foam
-Sodium Bicarbonate
-Citric Acid
-3 wooden stirring sticks
-1 plastic beaker
-a plastic volcanic island model
-a plastic workbench (which had slots and dips for the other contents to set on)
-a plastic pipette
-plastic tweezers
-red liquid color pigment
-yellow liquid color pigment
-a pair of laboratory gloves
-a set of safety goggles
-an instruction booklet & safety sheet

This wasn’t just a 1 step kit, it had many different components, and each was different from the last. The components to this kit are:
-Volcanic Bombs
-Mineral Springs
-Color Morphing Pools

As you follow the instructions in the booklet you are always asked little questions like, “What did you notice?” Or ” How has it changed?” the booklet as well shows colored visuals of volcanoes and other images relating to certain steps or reactions you might see. There are even little passages for certain parts as well. It lets you think and explore the cool science of acid-based reactions, volcanology, indicators & pH, minerals & gases.

My kids got to make lava bombs out of liquid coloring pigment, Sodium Bicarbonate, and Citric Acid. These bombs were later used as the ‘volcanic eruption starters’. After that they dropped a red lava bomb in one crater and a yellow lava home in another crater. Next they added a mixture of water and lava foam to the craters and it instantly started to bubble and foam and overflow. We all thought it was pretty cool.

Next they made a, ‘bread crust bomb’ out of the same ingredients as the lava bombs but with more amounts. Then they filled the beaker with water and dropped in the bread crust bomb and as my younger son held the beaker in his hand it overflowed all over it hand, but he had gloves on! It was very cool.

Then they chopped a pH strip into two of the pools, then in one pool they had to had some Sodium Bicarbonate, in the next some Citric Acid, then fill the pools with water. They changed colors, one was yellow and the other was green. As the pools overflowed they collected together in a middle pool which fizzed and bubble up. This was a greenish-yellow color. “Coooooool!” Is what my younger son said.

Lastly, they chopped up another pH strip into the ‘gas valley’ and put some water in then mixed it up. The water changed to a green color. Then they made two more lava bombs for the two big craters. Next they put the bombs in and added some more water. They once again fizzed and lava collected together in the middle crater. Below the middle crater was the gas valley, somehow I guess the gases from the volcanic craters leaked to the gas valley changing it color to yellow. It was so cool because the two mixtures didn’t touch yet one of them changed! It was the coolest thing.

My kids loved the Erupting Volcano Crater Factory. Each component was fun to do and fun to watch. While having a great time we also learned a thing or two from the booklet. This something worth buying, it isn’t cheap in quality, and great performance. Check out other kits they have. They have products for certain ages and for boys and girls! You are sure to find something your child will love!

Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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