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Most recently I had the chance in reviewing, ‘Magic Jinn’ by Hasbro Gaming. Hasbro was nice enough to send us over one in exchange for my honest opinion.

Magic Jinn is a little toy game. Jinn tries to read your mind and guess what animal you could be thinking of. It is very easy to play. Just put in 2 AAA batteries, and press his nose to turn hm on and start the game. Jinn will ask you first if you want to play a game, and you can easily respond with, “yes”. As he starts asking you questions you can respond by as well using, “yes”, “no”, “I don’t know”, “It depends” or “ok”. If you didn’t hear, or understand what Jinn asked or said, just say, “Say it again”, or “Go back”. I thought this was very cool, and it was something different instead of a board game or something.



At first, I thought of something simple to see if Jinn would easily guess it. I thought of a cat, and Jinn began asking questions like, “Does it have fur?” Or, “Does it live in the water?” He kept on asking as I kept answering finally, he said he thinks he knew what it was. Sadly, he thought I was thinking of a Manitee. Nice try, but I said no. And we played again. This time I thought of a Platypus. He asked a few questions, he thought I was thinking of Coral. Again, I said no. I was a bit disappointed. He didn’t guess correctly, I was hoping to be amazed. My younger son played with it a few times, and he told me Jinn didn’t guess what he was thinking of. It is a cool little thing. But honestly if I knew I would waste my time for a toy to “read mind” I wouldn’t spend money on it.

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