May’s Super Geek Box Review

I recently reviewed Super Geek Box’s May box. If you are unsure about what Super Geek Box is take a look at this post to find out how it works, April’s Super Geek Box.
I love receiving Super Geek Box every month, with different themes each month. This month’s theme was ‘Hero’, so items in this box had something to do with a Hero. 

May's Super Geek Box Review

The items in this box included:
-Funko Pop Plushie: Captain America/ SDCC Exclusive: Rocket Raccoon Plush. I received the Captain American Funko Pop Plushie. I actually didn’t know they made Funko Pop Plushies, I think they are so cute.
May's Super Geek Box Review
-Legend of 404 Mouse pad. A cute little legend of Zelda mouse pad with a picture of a ‘dead’ Link and a chicken next to him. This mouse pad will fit any geek’s desk lay out. 
May's Super Geek Box Review
-1 of 2 Super Friends Dynamic Duo Air Fresheners. They’re are chosen at random, you can either end up with a a Super Man or Wonder Woman one. I got the Super Man one, they are both very cute with a nice simple face design, it smells pretty great as well. This Super Man air freshener will look cool in any car. 
-1 of 2 Gamer Life Wristbands: Leveling up + Anti-YOLO swag. There’s a choice between a red wrist band that has a picture of a red mushroom from the popular Mario games with the words. “Grow Up” under it. If you are familiar with this, the red mushrooms made Mario into a giant, this making him “grow up.” The other one is green, with a green mushroom that says “YOLO” with a line through the word YOLO. In the Mario games the green mushroom gave you an extra life or a ‘1-up’, so the word YOLO crossed out definitely fits, because when you have a green mushroom you don’t only live once. I received the green one. My son is slowly getting into Mario and all of his greatness, so this was a cool little accessory for him. 
May's Super Geek Box Review
-The SwiftPoke Mini Poster. This is a little poster of a Pokemon named “SlowPoke”, on the poster he in wearing a Flash suit, making him fast, so the name “SwiftPoke” suits him because he’s fast or ‘swift’. Pretty clever if I do say so myself. 
Super Geek Box Exclusive The Legend of Bubblegum T-shirt. I love the Super Geek Box T-shirts, they are all one-of-a-kind shirts, with awesome original concepts. This one has Link dressed up as Finn of Adventure Time, and Jack has little wings to resemble Navi. My son adores Adventure Time and Link, so putting the two together is a dream for him. 
I can’t wait to see what is in store for next month’s Super Geek Box! Subscribe today to get your very own geeky box delivered right to your door. 


Disclosure: No compensation was given for this review. I did receive a free products from the manufacturer or their representing PR agency to use and test for the purposes of this review.



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