Never Lose Your Pets or Important Belongings Again!

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As humans, we may be different in many many ways but I know one thing we all have in common, is losing stuff. Whether it be car keys, a remote, wallet, phone, bike, pets, etc. Sometimes we tell ourselves we just accidentally misplaced it, but really we lost it, and completely forget where it was. There have been times where I thought it was the end of the world when I lost something, especially something important like car/house keys or a wallet. The worst part about losing something is when you can’t find it, and you really need it the most. But if only there was something that could track down what you were missing, like something you could hook or stick to your item before hand, so whenever you lost it you could use your phone to track where it was. 

TrackR Bravo 

Well, coincidentally there is something that does just exactly that. It is called The TrackR Bravo. TrackR Bravo is a little device I recently got my hands on, that you can hook or stick to items that you are afraid of losing. With a corresponding app you can download on your phone that helps you locate your missing item. It is the world’s thinnest device for managing your belongings. 
TrackR Bravo is a very small coin-sized Bluetooth device that you can attach to all their important belongings. Once you pair your TrackR bravo with the free iPhone/Android app, you can use your phone to locate any misplaced item in seconds. With the world’s largest Crowd GPS network, when an item is truly lost, the entire TrackR community is activated and will anonymously update the customer with the exact GPS location of their lost item. Plus, with custom printing options, you can choose any photo to print directly onto a TrackR, making it the perfect personalized, low-cost gift this holiday season! It’s basically a little memory butler so you can worry about more important things than where your stuff is at any given moment.
TrackR Bravo
TrackR Bravo is a very small coin-sized Bluetooth device that you can attach to all their important belongings. Then you can later use your phone to locate any misplaced item in seconds. It is super easy to get started using your TrackR Bravo. Just turn on your Bluetooth on your phone, download the app, then follow the instructions within the app to set it up. All you need to do is make an account, turn on your location and pair your device, then it’ll ask you what you are going to use your TrackR Bravo to track.
TrackR Bravo
There is a whole list of things, from car keys, to water bottles, tablets, umbrellas, bikes,to pets, and even the TrackR Bravo. So if you happen to lose the TrackR you can track the TrackR. Once you choose what you are going to track the app displays a map of where you are and it’ll show where whatever you are tracking is. It’ll tell you how far or how close you are to your item. There is a little speaker button you can press that will make the TrackR device make a sound so it’s even more easier to find what you’re tracking. You can change the  intensity of the sound and the different tune. TrackR casts a Bluetooth signal up to a 100 foot radius, you can choose to set up a device or phone separation alert. So when that Bluetooth signal is broken it will alert you.
 TrackR Bravo
TrackR Bravo
TrackR Bravo
TrackR Bravo
When you start tracking something the app will let you know how many other users are in the area that have the TrackR app, it’ll also let other users in their area know when someone is looking for something so they can be on the look out as well. You can customize your TrackR with a picture or engravings on it like an address, phone number, or name so if another users finds what you are tracking they can contact you and return it! You can choose colors from silver, blue, black, or rose gold. If you want you can even upload your own image and customize your TrackR Bravo. The TrackR uses UV-LED technology so the image won’t rub off.
The great thing about this product is that it can go both ways, you can use your phone to help you find the TrackR, and you can use the TrackR to help you find your phone. If the device is paired and the app is downloaded on your phone, you can just press the button on the TrackR Bravo device and your phone will start ringing making it easier for you to find it. You can track and ring the same TrackR Bravo from multiple phones. It is perfect for shared items like the TV remote, shared car keys, or even a family pet. At any time, you can connect your TrackR Bravo to something else and change what you are looking for on the app. The TrackR Bravo uses an easily replaceable CR1620 battery. The TrackR app will alert you when it is time to replace the battery. 

TrackR Bravo is something that everyone should have! It’s truly a life saver, especially if you’re a forgetful person and happen to misplace things a lot, just hook or stick the TrackR to whatever you want to keep track of, and if you can’t find it just open the app and get to Tracking! I plan to get more devices so I have one for my keys, wallet, one for my cat, and the TV remote! 
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  1. This is so smart! I will share this with my friend who has a dog!

  2. Kate | My Mommy Brain says

    This is an awesome product! I could really use it for my keys–not to mention my kids sometimes, lol. I’m always misplacing things.

  3. I could definitely use this for my dog. She’s quite the escape artist. It would be great to know where in the neighborhood to go find her when she gets through the fence!

  4. Amanda Love says

    I love this! Losing your keys is now a thing of the past thanks to this little gadget. It’s going to make life convenient for everyone!

  5. This is really awesome. I lose everything, no matter who it belongs to I lose it. this looks like a really helpful product, and a perfect gift idea!

  6. Rebecca Swenor says

    The TrackR Bravo is a great invention and I would love to have a couple of these for sure. I am always misplacing the phone or the remote. These would make great gift ideas for anyone too. Thanks for sharing this device.

  7. Gwendolyn Mulholland says

    This is a neat invention and I like that you can hook it on so you could easily swap it out if needed. I was always losing my keys until I bought a hook for by the door.

  8. That is way too cool! I have a cat who like to go exploring the entire neighborhood so this is amazing.

  9. Okay, car keys this is a definite for – they seem to always go missing – oh and my phone but what good is this if I need my phone to track it haha!

  10. Jenn @ EngineerMommy says

    This sounds like a really clever tool. I bet it would save so many pet owners from losing important stuff. I’ll share this post with a friend who has two cats.

  11. That is a really neat device, I am sure I would love to use it sometime for my pets. I Love that it helps you to never lose your pets or belongings. I am forever misplacing my belongings.

  12. Pam Wattenbarger says

    This is such a great invention. I think I would lose my head if it weren’t attached to me so being able to locate things is great.

  13. I lose things all the time so I need like 20 of these so I can attach them all over. I really like the idea of attachment to my dogs collar. It’s a great way to do GPS.

  14. We have been looking for a good tracker system because we recently got one and it didn’t have a great GPS system in place so unless we were close to the object we had no idea where it was! I love that this can also be used in reverse–the tracker used to locate your phone. I lose mine all the time!

  15. Paula Schuck says

    I love that! I constantly lose my keys, and the thought of losing a pet is terrifying. Great!

  16. Jacqui @FlightsFancyMom says

    My cat is an indoor cat, so, thankfully we don’t have to worry too much about that. But, I’ll have to share this with my family and friends with outdoor pets!

  17. Stephanie Jeannot says

    I need one of those to put on my socks. I can;t tell you how many socks I lose in like a days time. It is like senseless to buy new ones because I can never hold on to a pair for so long. My keys another. I lose them in my purse. LOL!

  18. OH MY GOODNESS! I need this so bad! I dont know howany times ive lost my purse, especially in my own house! Not anymore!

  19. This is such an awesome new idea. I lost my keys last week, and it caused me to miss a day of work because I had not other way thier. I need this so bad.

    • That’s awful, but I know just what you mean. I am always losing my most important things. Sounds like you need this just as much as me. Just click any link and you can purchase it for yourself.

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