New Workstation Laptops Combine Affordability And Productivity In The Same Computer

As a computer repair technician and network administrator for multiple corporations, it’s essential for me to stay on top of new technology and advancements. This especially holds true when it comes to mobile workstation laptops or notebook computers for many of the businesses I work for. Most companies have switched from desktops to notebooks for more efficient solutions in meetings, portability, and raw power. When you check out the range of options now available from the best notebook providers today, you can see why corporations are abandoning desktops and other, less portable devices. A move to workstations is a wise one, generally speaking, but I didn’t always feel this way!

New Workstation Laptops Combine Affordability And Productivity In The Same Computer

I remember first starting out with computer parts in my garage. I only built desktop computers for my friends and family; I could give them a computer perfectly suited for their needs at a far reduced cost than if they’d purchased a PC from a retailer. From there I went on to bigger and better projects, and have been serving my community’s technological needs ever since. When companies started switching from desktops to mobile workstation laptops, however, I feared that my days of running my own successful business were at an end.

Not wanting to throw in the towel so fast, I decided to do some research into the newer technology.Much to my surprise, I actually liked what I was seeing. There was still a need for me after all! Just in a different direction. I found that although there was no longer a need for me to build company computers, I was still needed to perform their set-ups, install their networks, and in some cases, provide a general education course regarding the same research I was already looking into myself! Now I find myself actually encouraging companies to make the switch to notebook laptops. I’ll explain why it’s in the best interests of both the company and the IT professional in the following paragraphs.

Unlike old, bulky desktop PCs, the newer mobile stations are much lighter, thinner,and more portable but still pack the same power with 4th Generation processors, LCD and LED screens, high-powered graphics cards, and tons of memory. Many models come equipped with the same internals, so in the event the computers need maintenance, the IT department can flip flop parts from one to another. This potentially saves the company a lot of money in IT costs. Also, being so lightweight and mobile, some new models feature screens that detach to become touch-screen tablets, perfect for presentations or working in even more confined spaces. This vastly increases productivity and is essential for business meetings. It’s amazing that we’ve lived without this technology for so long!If you check out the latest notebook laptops from Toshiba, an industry-trusted provider, you’ll see even more awesome benefits. With their new EasyGuard Technology, physical and digital protection is more advanced and efficient than ever, helping employees keep information and details safe from prying eyes and hazardous spills alike. Toshiba’s great warranties and customer service support also mean you’re treated fairly while shopping — an important element of any transaction!

Their main benefit lies in the fact that they take much less time to setup and network. After all, time is money. Without having to build PCs, I have much more time to spend marketing and increasing my client base. With setups and installations a breeze, and even informing the clients of operational uses taking little time, I have been able to almost double my client base. So take it from me — new business laptops (and notebooks) from top providers can change your business, and for the better.

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