Not-so-Mainstream Vacays: 5 Best Hipster Destinations in the U.S.

While many U.S. destinations are trendy, not all are cool enough for the beard-loving, craft-beer drinking crowd aptly named “hipsters.” If you appreciate a sturdy pair of pre-owned overalls and anything locally grown, consider adding these five destinations to your must-visit list. For outdoor adventurers and coffee-lovers alike, these destinations will keep you happy and have you wanting to return. 


5. Portland, Ore.

Made famous by IFC’s show “Portlandia,” it’s no secret that Portland, Ore., is a hipster mecca. Vintage clothing shops abound. There are farmers markets galore and brew pubs on every corner. Portland keeps its claim as one of the most hipster destinations in America. Though this may be an obvious hipster hot spot, it’s unique culture is unparalleled by other cities.

4. Austin, Texas

With big name music festivals like Austin City Limits, it’s no wonder this western college town is hipster headquarters. The city is now teeming with tech startups. In addition, the community promotes and supports local businesses. Art galleries, food trucks, outdoor adventure, and barbecue round out this hip city to make it one of the best places to live.

3. Seattle, Wash.

Seattle, Wash., birthed the original grunge fashion and music trend. Since those early 90s days filled with holy jeans and flannel shirts, it’s evolved to an industry leader in the tech world while holding on to its effortlessly cool vibe.

This eco-friendly community enjoys street art, good coffee, great music, and rainy days. Some of the most hipster neighborhoods are Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, and Ballard.

2. Boulder, Colo.

One of the greenest cities in the United States, both because of its commitment to the environment and recent legislature legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, Boulder, Colo., comes in at number two on the hipster destination list. The city brings together an eclectic mix of C.U. Boulder college students, outdoor-enthusiasts, and hippies.

With a lively bar scene, including the popular dive bar Sundown Saloon, and the coffeehouse by day and lounge by night Laughing Goat, Boulder hipsters enjoy all their town offers.

1. Asheville, N.C.

Take a trip down south to the land of banjos and farm-fresh food. Many southern cities are starting to claim their place on the hipster destination list and Asheville, N.C., certainly fits this title. This town, tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains, fosters artistic foodies and bargaining vegans. The community loves to create and trade, which nurtures a sustainable culture.

With farm-to-table eateries, vegan restaurants, and hip brunch spots, Asheville cultivates everything hipsters could dream. One local favorite, Tupelo Honey, which couldn’t be more hipster if it tried, cooks up sweet potato pancakes, goat cheese grits, and biscuits with whipped peach butter. Return to your roots in this green mountain town.

Even if you aren’t a “hipster,” you should still check out one of these five towns if you enjoy great food, beer, music, nature, and art — you just might want to retrograde your wardrobe before you do. These lovely cities make it hard not to see the lure of hipster life. 

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