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My Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey hasn’t ended yet! On November 5, 2012 I left off at 278lbs and I had to take a short break while I got some important things in my life figured out. Nutrisystem loves me so much they had to have me back! Now that I am more focused I am 100% ready to finish my weight loss journey.

While I was off the program I gained back 9lbs. during the holidays. And just this last week and a half I lost 3lbs. while getting my body ready for the Nutrisystem Success Plan. I didn’t change anything but making sure to drink 64oz. of water a day. Which is something I struggled with last time I was on the plan. But that all has changed! How you ask? Well after watching a blogger on YouTube who did the Nutrisystem program as well, and listening to her important tips. It totally clicked for me why water is so important. And since watching that video I have been drinking my 64oz. of water a day except for one day I drank half but only because I forgot.

So after losing the 3lbs I will be starting the Nutrisystem Success Plan today at 284lbs. And my goal is to be 150lbs.

Today for breakfast I had Nutrisystem’s New Cinnamon Streusel Muffin, banana and a Creamy Chocolate Protein Shake. And since I need to lose 100lbs. or more. I have to add extras to my meal plan such as a SmartCarb to breakfast and an extra PowerFuel to lunch.

You see the Nutrisystem plan isn’t just the 28 days of breakfast, lunch and dinner, but you also add PowerFuels, SmartCarbs, Veggies and Fruits to your meals according to your plan and Daily Tracker.


For my morning snack I had 1 large egg. And for lunch I had Nutrisystem’s New Spicy Kung Pao Noodles, Tuna mixed with veggies and spices, a large salad full of veggies and a nonfat yogurt. I know it sounds like a ton of food and it was. But I have to go according to my Nutrisystem Daily Tracker.


Starting weight 284lbs.

I look forward to hearing about your Nutrisystem journey and any tips you can share with me.

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  1. Woohoo, glad to see your back on Nutrisysytem. I’m going back to finish also. I’m sure you and I will do well. :0)

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