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I recently had the opportunity in trying four products by ObeyYour Body. ObeyYour Body’s internationally acclaimed ranges of health and beauty product collections. Their skincare products exploit the abundance of herbal and mineral gifts of nature with innovative state-of-the-art pharmaceutical technology for product excellence and superior skin and results.

Obey Your Body sent me over four product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. The four products I tried from Obey Your Body are: Radiant-Repair Peeling Gel gentle cleansing care, Decorin-Age-Control Radiance Serum Lift facial-firming care, Decorin-Age-Control Day Serum SPF15 Superior Anti-Wrinkle facial care for all skin types, and Decorin Age-Control Bio-Magnetic Facial Mask Multi-Active Facial Cleansing facial care for all skin types.

ObeyYour Body

ObeyYour Body

ObeyYour Body

Radiant-Repair Peeling Gel cleanses and exfoliates. It also gently removes build-up of dead dry cells from your skin’s surface to accelerate skin renewal. This gel contains natural sources, non irritating and moisture-enhancing Gluconolactone. While cleansing your skin of oil residue it also,unclogs pores and takes away toxins giving your skin a new fresh appearance. It as well contains a rare combination of skin-regenerating Dead Sea Minerals mixed with Aloe Vera and Chamomile extracts.

I wasn’t too sure what this product was actually going to do to my skin. When I tried it I put a little on the tips on my fingers and massaged on my face in a circular motion. What I saw was incredible, it literally peeled up dead skin on the surface of my face. You could just see the dead dry skin peeling up on my face. it was like magic, I am not kidding you can’t make this stuff up! I have never seen anything like this. Immediately I had to call my family into the bathroom to show them how incredible this product is. It didn’t hurt, or burn or any of that. Afterwards, my face was so much brighter and cleaner. The cleanest I have ever seen it. My face was so smooth and it smelled good. It was like all the dead skin was masking my face with a layer of dirt and this removed that. This stuff is just amazing the results are instant, just wonderful! Sadly, my bottle is almost gone! I love this product so flipping’ much, I just can not stop talking about!!!

Decorin-Age-Control Radiance Serum Lift is highly enriched with a complex of herbs, minerals and vitamins to intensively moisturize your skin and support its natural anti-aging defenses. It helps to improve your skin’s integrity with organizing tetrapeptide Decorinyl. While improving your skin’s elasticity, it also increases the firmness of your skin. With Omega 3 and 6 to lock in moisture.

Using this product I have noticed certain lines on my forehead tighten and slowly fade. I do feel my face kind of firm and not so loose, and weighed down around my forehead and eye area. This serum smells wonderful and a very small amount stretches a long way. I notice some results within the second week of using it. I look forward to seeing how much more it will help as I continue to use it.

Decorin-Age-Control Day Serum SPF15 Superior Anti-Wrinkle helps strengthen skin tissue, it gives an I meditate lift to stressed skin. Providing long term care to tighten and firming your skin to prevent dry lines and wrinkles. It hydrates and plumps up your skin with moisturizing herbs and Hyaluronic Acid. It protects against aging signs with UV sun protection.

It is a great product. I have noticed fine lines around my eyes and mouth have slowly smoothed out. It as well moisturized my face like no other cream I have tried. The smell is wonderful and it takes again just a tiny amount.

Decorin Age-Control Bio-Magnetic Mask works on many levels to cleanse your skin’s pores, it also repairs your skin’s natural renewal process. Enriched with collagen tetrapeptide Decorinyl to give your skin an instant firming lift. It also contains energizing mineral-rich mud from the Dead Sea and plant oils, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter. It also exfoliates and removes dead dry skin cells from the surface of your skin, simulating natural cell renewal, making your skin softer, smoother with a healthy complexion.

I will definitely say that my forehead isn’t as dry, and the pores on my nose are not noticeable anymore. This product was outstanding, it made my face feel so soft and smooth. There are no words to describe how my face felt.

I highly recommend Obey Your Body products. I will never buy a drug store skin care product again. Obey Your Body in my opinion lives up to their promises when it comes to skin care. Every product I tried does just what it says. I am more than pleased with my results. Stop wasting money on drug store skin care products and invest a little more, you deserve it!

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Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.



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