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  1. stephanie fugate says

    hi!! love ur site!! wonderful generous people including u!! i have a ? 4 u. i come 2 ur fb page usually at least 1 time a day and get 100pts 4 doing that , i always tweet 4 u 2 everyday. but according 2 ur leader score board i had like 4200 pts when i looked last could b reversed leader board shows 3500 and other rewards points shows 4200, now i just was directed 2 ur website ( not fb site where i usually am directed 2 and won 100 pts and another 100 4 tweeting about u!! this does not reflect my other points earned on ur fb page. is there anyway 2 combine those pts together? i should have @ 5000 pts from visiting ur site almost daily – i may miss a day or 2 ea week but all 3 – website, fb page and leader board all show diffent amts! please help if u can 2 combine all the pts into one acct 4 me>

    thanks and keep doing the great things u do!! i have been voting 4 u every day also – u r an awesome site!!!


    • Angela Harris says

      the reason this is happening because the old site rewards program is still active and connected to facebook and the new site here has its own rewards program too. i wanted to wait just a little before switching the fb part and will be doing it asap. for now you fb points are associated with the old site which is still running and you can still redeem your points 🙂 I should be making the switch for fb this week.

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