Parenting Hacks You Need To Know


Whether you’re a new parent or a parent of six kids, finding new ways to make your life a bit easier on yourself is always helpful. Why not cut out all the extra work, by following a few simple and easy hacks. Throughout this article I am going to show you how to make life a little easier when dealing with children and how to keep your children safe with extra pre-cautions.  

Parenting Hacks You Need To Know

  •   My first hack is making your child a bracelet. Not just any old bracelet- a bracelet out of beads that have numbers on them. With those numbers you will pick out the appropriate numbers that corresponds with your telephone number. This way, if your child gets lost in a store or happens to run away and you lose sight of them- they will have your phone number attached to their wrist in case of emergency.
  •   My next trick is avoiding the stress of taking your kids shopping with you. Don’t worry there’s ways around buying your children shoes without them being there to see if they fit. All you have to do is trace their footprints on a piece of paper and take that paper with you to the mall or shoe store. This way you can measure the shoes to the paper to see if they will fit properly.
  •   Bathing your child in a laundry basket is my next hack. If your child is one that likes to play with 500 toys in the bathtub, this will help the toys stay close to your kid and not the other side of the bathtub. This helps keep your kid situated and makes it easier for them to sit up and be steady.
  •   Use a pool noodle to keep your children safe in their beds. Place two pool noodles- one on each side of the bed to prevent your child from rolling off the bed. You can cut a noodle and place it on your child’s door to help stop the door from slamming on their fingers. I know it’s amazing how many toys can be used for multi-purposes.
  •   If you are potty training your kids and you don’t want them to use the whole roll of toilet paper each time they go to the washroom, my next tip is to draw a pretty line underneath the toilet paper at the length they are suppose to stop. This will prevent them from using the whole roll and teach them the appropriate amount of toilet paper they should be using. Of course this is an approximate line.

I hope these hacks come into good use for you and your loved ones and it helps make your life as a parent a little easier. Don’t just read these hacks and think wow what a great idea that is. Put these hacks to use and thank me later, you will be glad you did and your kids will thank you later!  

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