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Like some people I have a lot of pets. I have 4 cats and 1 dog. Yes, it is a big responsibility to take care of all 5 pets. I have to make sure the litter is always clean, or if the dog has been taken out lately. But the most thing that is hard to track is their food and water. Sometimes the cats will be really hungry or thirsty and eat more and drink more than I expected, same as the dog. And it’s very inconvenient if they eat all their food or drink while we are all sleeping. Cause, we’re sleeping, we can’t get out of our sleep automatically every time their food bowl is empty. That’s when I heard about Petmate’s Deluxe Fresh Flow and portion control Infinity Programmable Feeder.

The company sent me two Deluxe Fresh Flows, one for my cats and one for my dog. As well as two portion control Infinity Programmable Feeders and a Petmate Buddhas Plush Toy & Treatball in one! The Deluxe Fresh Flow for cats is a purifying pet fountain, with and AC adapter that plugs into standard household outlets. It includes two replaceable charcoal filters for removing impurities, a 60 day supply! The Deluxe Fresh Flow is healthier for pets, it encourages pets to drink more water. And drinking more water reduces the risk of urinary diseases. It also prevents bad tastes and odors by filtering out impurities. The Deluxe Fresh Flow for cats holds a capacity of 50 oz, the Deluxe Fresh Flow for dogs holds 108 oz. It has everything the Fresh Flow for cats has, except a reservoir. Which automatically adds water as needed.

The portion control Infinity Programmable Pet Feeder for dogs makes over feeding a thing of the past! It serves up to 3 meals a day. It is simple to program, it is portion control: dispenses 1/4 cup increments up to 3 cups! Also, it’s dishwasher safe, the bottom bowl detaches for an easy cleaning. And the capacity it holds is 10 Ibs. which helps with fewer refills per bag of food. The portion control Infinity Programmable Feeder for cats has everything the dog feeder has except it only holds a capacity of 5 Ibs. and has 1/4 cup increments of up to 2 cups.

The Petmate Buddahs Plush Toy & Treatball is a plush toy that has a little toy ball in the middle that holds treats. So your dog/pup can get awarded for playing. But, the hole in the middle of the ball is small so remember to put treats in that are smaller than the hole or break up bigger treats. This toy is for a large/medium dog. I have a large dog, and he just loves the Buddhas! As soon as I took it out of the packing he was right there waiting for it. He played with it all day long. The only con I could find was that the soft material used around the ball, because if you have a dog that is a heavy chewy he could possibly chew that part of the toy up, like mine did. But once that happened, I wasn’t upset or disappointed in the toy because the ball that can detach from it, I found out that I can un-screw it and my dog can still play with that. And he just LOVES it!

I was skeptical if my pets would like the products or not. Because of the noises it makes and how food and water comes out automatically. But the noise wasn’t loud or obnoxious. Luckily all but 1 of my cats like the water, the 1 cat is little bit weirded out about the machines. But I’m sure he’ll come to his sense and drink the water and eat the food. These are great products that anyone should have in my opinion. I love the fact that I don’t have to refill the pets’ bowls everyday, because I can set a time that I want for the food to come out. I don’t like a product that is hard to put together, or that has a lond book of instructions. All of these products were easy to put together so I had them up in running in no time. The material the Fresh Flow and Feeders were made out of are durable, hard plastic and I sure they will last a long time. I just love it, it takes a big weight off my shoulders. I would recommend these products to animal lovers.

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Disclosure I received Petmate products for free from inexchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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  1. An automatic feeder is a much around our house! My tiny dog drinks a lot more than you’d think!

  2. I like that it is programmable! My dog would probably try to feed himself all day if it was just the manual peddle, hehe. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Too cute.

  4. Samantha S. says

    I love the programmable feeder!!!

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