Pro-Sense Pet Products Review

In most households, pets are considered to be just as much a part of the family as anyone else. Every day we wake up, we brush our teeth, we eat breakfast, and we take all the necessary supplements we need to stay healthy and strong. Our pets require that same attention, and as a result, we must remember to take care of our pets as we would ourselves. Time affects our bodies as well as our pet’s bodies, so it is important to make sure your pet is getting the essential nutrients they need.

I would like to introduce you to Pro Sense Pet Care Products. I recently had the chance to review some of these products. Pro Sense Pet Care was nice enough to send me over a few of their products in exchange for my honest opinion.


Pro Sense Pet Care is a line of pet care supplements that deliver general multivitamins and help treat issues surrounding joint care, dental care, skin and coat care, and allergies. Pro·Sense product quality translates directly into quality of life for pets of all ages, breeds and sizes.

The products I was sent are: Antiseptic Medicated Spray, Breath Tabs, Dental Kit, Glucosamine Moderate Joint Care, Hot Spot Medicated Spray and Adult Daily Vitamins.

One of the products I received my dog Roscoe benefited from it tremendously. The product is Antiseptic Medicated Spray which we used on his itchy feet. Roscoe has allergies and will chew at his feet a lot, and we found that this product helps him and calms his feet so he can stop some of the chewing. Antiseptic Medicated Spray helps the healing process of minor cuts, flea bites and skin irritations. It’s also non-stinging formula with bitter chew deterrents and made with Aloe Vera to soothe the skin. For best results we found that if we treated the area on his feet as soon as we noticed he was chewing again.

Another product we found very beneficial to Roscoe is the Hot Spot Medicated Spray. Roscoe also has a very itchy irritated area around his tail. This spray helps my dog by relieving his itching and flaking associated with his skin irritations around his tail. It also helped him to leave it alone and not itch at it. Hot spots are common skin problems on many dogs, causing discomfort and sometimes pain. They can occur year round and are best treated as soon as they are noticed.



The next product I received for Roscoe is Pro-Sense Dental Kit. This kit is perfect since we can’t use human toothpaste on our pets or it can upset their stomach. Use this kit to help maintain healthy teeth and gums for your pet. This kit leaves your pet with fresh breath and they will love the flavor, well at least Roscoe does. Roscoe is slowly coming accustom to having his teeth brushed daily.

Next is the Breath Tabs by Pro-Sense. This bottle contains 40 tablets that can help support good oral health., and the chewing action helps reduce tartar build-up. Leaving Roscoe with a nice minty fresh breath!





The last two products Glucosamine Moderate Joint Care and Adult Daily Vitamin re Roscoe first 2 daily supplements he now takes.

Glucosamine Moderate Joint Care promotes bone and joint health. With Glucosamine, associated with cartilage health; Vitamin C, associated with collagen growth; and MSM, associated with flexibility and movement. Roscoe really enjoys these chewable vitamin tablets.

And lasty Adult Daily Vitamin provides Roscoe with essential vitamins and selected minerals, beneficial during his adult life stage. With Vitamin-C antioxidant, important for supporting the immune system. He also has no problem taking these chewable tablets and seems to enjoy the taste.

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I highly recommend Pro-Sense Pet Products for all pet owners. Pro·Sense can be found at all Wal-Mart, Target, and Walgreens locations!

Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.


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