Ring In The Holidays With Gifts From Hammacher Schlemmer

I recently had the chance to review some products from one of my favorite sites Hammacher Schlemmer. Hammacher Schlemmer was nice enough to send over three of their wonderful products in exchange for my honest opinion.

This is one of the only stores I know of that offer a guaranteed for life on all of their products. Their guarantee is an assurance that you will receive the highest quality products. So if at any time a product that was purchased directly from them ever disappoints you, for any reason, they will let you return it for exchange, credit, or refund. Even if you received the item as a gift, Hammacher Schlemmer will exchange it for another item or gift certificate of equal value. I know this seems so unreal right? Nope they are for real!

The first item I received from Hammacher Schlemmer is a 104-Piece Multi Media Art Set. The 104-piece set is a nicely made wooden easel box that contains everything you need to start painting and drawing techniques. This is a high quality set that includes:




  • 12 oil paints
  • 12 acrylic paints
  • 12 watercolor paints
  • 12 watercolor pencils
  • 12 charcoal pastels
  • 12 oil pastels.
  • 9 nylon brushes includes popular #1 and #2 round tip and #4 and #12 square tip
  • 12 sheets of watercolor paper
  • 2 canvas boards
  • wooden palette
  • and more!

The 104-Piece Multi Media Art Set comes with a Lifetime Guarantee just like all of their products at no additional charge. I was completely amazed by all of the product packed in this box. I love that it has wooden drawers and each drawer has your art supplies neatly arranged. The box completely closes to secure all your supplies along with a nice carrying handle. Then close the latch closures keep all your supplies safe.

Purchase the 104-Piece Multi Media Art Set for $99.95. The perfect holiday gift.

The next product I received is the One Year Smartphone Backup Battery. This smartphone battery will hold its charge for a full year! I love that I never have to worry about not being able to make a call during an emergency, because my phone died. Well at least for the next year I wont.  This charger also has a covered jack that seals in power so it wont seep out like  most rechargeable batteries after  inactivity. Powered by a 2400 mAh lithium-ion battery so even after a year on the shelf it remains 97% charged.





It will also fully charge an iPhone or Android in about 2 to 3 hours. My phone is the Nexus4 and it charges in the same amount of time. Charge your phone 1 1/2 times before the charger requires recharging . When it’s time to recharge your battery you can do so with the included USB/AC adapter. It takes about 6 hours to fully charge it. It’s a nice size at 3 3/4″ L x 1 1/2″ W x 1″ D. (3 oz.), and perfect to fit almost anywhere. Made with a built in LED flashlight and emergency beacon.

Purchase the One Year Smartphone Backup Battery for $49.95.

The last item I received from Hammacher Schlemmer is the Best Children’s Cash Register. This is a child cash register toy that teaches basic math skills and helps children recognize U.S. currency. It comes with fake paper money and plastic coins. All the money is very similar in size to U.S. currency. Also includes a working scale, credit card slider, and a coupon scanner. In today’s world what would a child cash register be without a coupon scanner? The coin slot also recognizes U.S. coins.  7u67u


This register also uses games to teach addition and subtraction. Its coin quiz helps to develop logic, reasoning, and change-making skills by either prompting children to insert a named coin into the register, match a given dollar amount in coins only, or enter an amount using its keypad. It’s spoken voice  is easy to understand and LCD is easy to read. Requires three C batteries. Ages 3 and up. 8 1/2″ H x 13 1/2″ W x 9 1/2″ D. (4 1/2 lbs.)

Purchase the The Best Children’s Cash Register for $59.95.

I highly recommend Hammacher Schlemmer for all you holiday gift giving this year. Be sure to connect with Hammacher Schlemmer via Facebook & Twitter

Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. Jennifer Williams says

    My youngest need a new cash register, he just broke his. I love those portable phone chargers, being able to stay charged is so important.

  2. Jennifer Williams says

    My son just broke his play cash register so we need a new one. I love all of the products mentioned here. Having a portable charger for your cell phone is so important.

  3. I love the art set and the cash register. I like how it helps with addition and subtraction and also uses games to make it fun. Very nice.

  4. I really like the art set! The charger is a gadget that everyone needs. The cash register would be a nice gift for any child. the best—the lifetime guarantee. That speaks volumes about a company!

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