Safe Glow LED Dog Collar Review

We live way out in the country and at night it’s very dark outside because we don’t have street lights. Only the moonlight. So when taking our dog out it’s almost impossible to see him. So we decided to try this product called the Safe Glow LED Dog Collar. The collar has a LED bulb that you can turn on or off. When we turn on his collar it lights up and we are able to see where he is at, even in the pitch black. The collar has 3 different light settings. One is a steady light and another is a fast blinking light and the last is a slow blinking light. The strip on the collar where it lights up is also reflective. The price of the collar is $29.95. The collar works great and is very bright. I also think the strip of light should cover more of the collar because if it turns around on my dogs neck and the strip of light ends up under his chin you can not see the light. Also the material where the strip is not located is not very strong. But the materiel where the strip is located is much different and very strong and durable. One more thing is the switch for the light I think should be water resistant. The clasp is very strong and there is also a solid metal loop to hook your leash to.

This is a picture of our dog wearing the collar when it’s really dark out side. As you can see you can’t see the dog but you can see his collar.

Here is a picture of the LED light switch. I moved it away from the collar so you could see it. Then it just slides back in.

Here in this picture you can see the yellow strip. This is the part that lights up when you switch the LED light on.

This is a close up look of the two different materials used in the collar. As you can see the one without the yellow strip is beginning to fray a little.

I think this Safe Glow LED Dog Collar is a great idea and very useful. Especially for people who live where there are not many outdoor lights and it gets very dark. I would definitely recommend this collar if they change the material where the yellow strip is not located because this is a great concept and very beneficial.

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Disclosure I received Safe Glow LED Dog Collar for free from in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I or use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. Holly Thomas says

    Love the collar, i need one for my cat!!

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