Scratch Wireless: FREE Wireless Service Review

Cell phones have become an essential part of almost everyone’s life. With a cell phone being something we use on a daily basis, it also becomes one of our biggest bills. Our family spends about $1920 a year on our wireless plans for the four of us. That’s even more than our house phone. There are some plans that cost less and could save us money, but how about wireless service that’s free? Yes, that’s right FREE mobile service!

Scratch Wireless: FREE Wireless Service Review

Scratch Wireless is a brand new wireless service plan that’s free. This free mobile service already saves me a great deal of money. Just in the past 2 months that I have had this phone I saved $100, because my regular plan was $50 a month with my old phone.

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 Scratch Wireless: FREE Wireless Service Review

Scratch phones use Wi-Fi wherever possible. They call this Wi-Fi Firstโ„ . When there’s no Wi-Fi around, the Sprint Nationwide Network is there to back you up so you’re always connected. The catch is voice, data and texting is always FREE while connected to a Wi-Fi network. However texting is always 100% free whether you are connected to a wireless network or not. This is a great plan for anyone that text all the time and doesn’t use that much talk time.

Activation: Once you power on your phone, Scratch Wireless requires a few activation steps prior to your first call or text. It took me less than a minute. Activation is easy and fast and provides you with a brief Scratch tutorial.

When you are not connected to a wireless network but need to use voice and data that’s no problem. Just simply purchase a Scratch Wireless Voice or Data pass. It’s as easy as buying a song. Select the Scratch app on your Home screen, then select add Voice or Data Pass. Data Passes are as low as $1.99, you can jump on the cellular network (provided on the Nationwide Sprint Network), do what you need to, and when you’re back on Wi-Fi it’s all free again! If you need more voice and date or just don’t want to think about it, they also offer bigger passes to keep you connected all the time. But there’s never any ads, contracts or obligation. It’s always up to you.

Scratch Wireless: FREE Wireless Service Review

So far in the last 2 months of using this phone, I have not needed to purchase a voice or data pass. Everywhere I have been if I needed to make a call I have been able to connect to Wi-Fi and make calls.

Right now they only have one phone available. However, this is a really great phone.  The phone is a Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE that cost $269 and runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This phone can be purchased from Once you purchase the phone your wireless service is now technically free and you can even choose to continue to use your current phone number from your previous carrier if you choose.

Scratch Wireless: FREE Wireless Service Review

Scratch Wireless: FREE Wireless Service Review

The quality of the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE and Scratch Wireless service is pretty good and a lot better than one of the cell phone carriers I was using before Scratch. Calls are crystal clear and I get about 3 to 4 bars in the Tampa area of Florida. The Photon  Q 4G LTE has a nice full-sized QWERTY keyboard and the phone measures 4.98 inches long, 2.6 inches wide and 0.54 inches thick. With a large 4.3 inches, this display. Complete with an 1.3MP front-facing camera, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video capture and LED flash.



The body of the phone is well made and feels very durable. Fits perfect in my pocket or purse nicely and it’s not to over sized. It’s also a very comfortable fit in the hands. The onboard speaker is by far the loudest I have heard and it doesn’t crackle and distort while listening or watching something. 

Scratch Wireless: FREE Wireless Service Review

Scratch Wireless: FREE Wireless Service Review

It’s very responsive and I don’t find it to be slow at all. I am so impressed all around especially with the build, screen quality, and the keyboard.

Scratch Wireless: FREE Wireless Service Review

Scratch Wireless: FREE Wireless Service Review

Scratch Wireless: FREE Wireless Service Review

80 percent of the time, people connect to the mobile internet from their home, office, or other indoor locations. So why shouldn’t service be free? Voice, data and texting is always FREE while connected to a Wi-Fi network with Scratch Wireless. This is the perfect phone for anyone like myself who texts most of the time and only make a few calls a month and not using many minutes. Texting is always 100% free whether you are connected to a wireless network or not!

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  1. Phillip Russell says

    I hate paying that cell phone bill every month โ€“ money is just so tight

  2. Christian Alejandro says

    That would save me so much money! I would be able to catch u on other bills!

  3. Beverly Metcalf says

    Nice phone and with free service, that’s great! Thanks for having this contest.

  4. Michelle S says

    Would definitely save a lot of money! Sounds like a great plan!

  5. It would save me a lot of money!

  6. Buddy Garrett says

    It would really change my life. I haven’t been able to afford a phone due to being unemployed. It has made life hard without a phone.

  7. Dericka Buckels says

    This would be great and a huge money saver for me.

  8. wendy wallach says

    well obviously no bills but more important to me is freedom, especially when i travel, to keep in touch!

  9. Melanie Comello says

    This would help us out tremendously, by the time we finish paying for our monthly family plan, we might as well be paying for a car-note! And no i had no clue this service was free.

  10. I have a tight budget.. This would be very helpful so I can keep in contact with my son.

  11. Tabathia B says

    I won’t worry about having to pay an exorbitant monthly bill

  12. Barbara Butler says

    would love to have this love that its free service…that would help out a lot

  13. Kathy Pease says

    It would be awesome because I hate paying monthly phone card charges

  14. Donna Pyszk says

    This sounds great and would be a blessing to save some money

  15. Carolyn Daley says

    I definitely think the free service would help me out because everything is getting to expensive. If I could let go of my current service and save over $80 a month then I could use the money I save for healthier groceries and to pay off bills.

  16. peter gladue says

    A backup phone would be nice to have when I am low on minutes and power on my main phone

  17. Corey Olomon says

    It would free up more money to do things with my kids!

  18. Diane Abrams says

    I really need this for those long waits in the doctor’s office, know what i mean?

  19. Julie Hawkins says

    I didn’t know about this, I’d certainly live to save more money

  20. Janice Crespo says

    I hate paying that cell phone bill every month – money is just so tight I have been deciding whether I really want the cell phone – this would be perfect

  21. susan smoaks says

    i would save so much money it would make life easier for me. i am tony l smoaks on rafflecopter.

  22. Paula Tavernie says

    This is great!!!! It would save me some money!!!

  23. Janine Griffin says

    Sounds almost too good to be true. Eventually there will probably be more wifi out there to use off of anyway.

  24. Having free mobile service will free up more money in my budget.

  25. Free service! Are you kidding me! This is great!

  26. jill bright says

    Who wouldnt love a free phone!

  27. Jaime Cummings says

    It would change my life because I would finally have my own phone!

  28. Kayci Stanley says

    I currently do not own a smart phone because my husband and I do not wish to sign up for a plan. Scratch wireless sounds like an awesome direction for us to go, I would love to win ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I could use the extra dollars in my bank account!

  30. shirley hicks says

    would be great not having a phone bill…cant imagine being without that expensive bill

  31. Dierdra Byrd says

    This would allow me to keep track of my son so much easier! There is no way I can afford a cell phone for him! I am not even working!

  32. Karrie Millheim says

    It would save me so much money!! right now i have metropcs

  33. Sky Evans says

    That would save money.

  34. Angel Feliciano says

    I’ve never had a cell phone, but this one would be great!

  35. Wes Hovorka says

    Free would be nice but I need my fast data speeds!

  36. Dawn Monroe says

    Are you sure? ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds to good to be true. Free service would be an ease on my budget.

  37. I’ll be able to stop paying my monthly cell bill and save for a car instead

  38. My cell phone’s broken, so a new one – with free service, to boot – would be great!

  39. John Kraichely says

    I could play a couple more rounds a golf each month.

  40. Rebecca Peters says

    I am a single mom and this would be so extremely helpful

  41. alena svetelska says

    it would amazing save money

  42. Birdiebee says

    Awesome. I could stay in contact with my children and grandchildren.

  43. Erica C. says

    It would be a great way to save money!

  44. tina reynolds says

    I have so much I could do with those savings like paying frees for little league

  45. Jonathan Brigden says

    Wow, this would definitely make things easier for me. Currently paying 200 dollars a month on my contract isn’t working out for me financially and I am in need of a new phone since my one is currently dying. Hope I win this!

  46. Brian Kautz says

    As long as there is good coverage

  47. This phone looks perfect, I mostly text or have wi-fi available but have been dreading upgrading to a smartphone and the bill increase

  48. Ronda Patrick says

    It would be GREAT!!! I could keep track of my younger teens without having to worry when they need picked up.. They can just call!

  49. Brady Wallace says

    I currently I don’t have a cell phone so winning one with free service would be awesome.

  50. Michelle N. says

    Would be incredible. I could pay down my debt much faster!

  51. Jodie R. says

    It sounds like the service is a lot better quality than my current plan.

  52. sounds great……

  53. danielle Marie says

    it would save me so much money. so much money. money i could buy food with. broke college student!

  54. Sarah Cool says

    Thats awesome! I would save so much money every month ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Elliott E says

    Communications is our most costly expense.

  56. Shauntea Crutcher says

    This phone would change my life by allowing me to stay connected with my family and friends, since I just broke my cellphone last week.

  57. Paul Conrow says

    This system and phone are fantastic! Would love to win, as this would save my tail on monthly expenses!!

  58. Laurie King says

    A new phone to win and great service!! What more could a girl ask for???? I am usually near WiFi all day, so this phone would work well for me, and then maybe my fiancรฉe can drop me from his plan and save money!!!

  59. H.E. DeLuna says

    Having free mobile service will free up more money in my budget.

  60. Ms Gretchen Ann Luper says

    it would make me feel more secure as a handicapped indivuidual

  61. Angela Ash says

    I know it would be life changing. I’ve actually been doing a lot of research lately on cell phones/service. I found something similar but haven’t heard of Scratch until seeing your blog review. I think it sounds great. I’d love to try and am confident I’d love it then I’d replace everyone’s cell phone in the house with it. Cell service is definitely pricey. I usually only get online when at home or a place of business that has WiFi. Great review!

  62. This would be awesome for my son! We’ve been considering giving him a phone but I don’t want a horrific phone bill. This would let him be able to keep in contact with us for very little money.

  63. Robert Crockett says

    Free is great! I am broke anyways!

  64. Brittany Mcintosh says

    With me being a stay at home wife free cell service would help us out alot!

  65. krystal wethington says

    It would change my life so much.I dont like getting out without a phone because you never know when you may need it.

  66. This would be great as it would be one less expense.

  67. Crystal Renee says

    It would help free up a lot of money that I could use towards other things that we need in life!

  68. bridget w says

    it would change my life because I would actually, finally have a phone!

  69. Sherrie Stewart says

    I was just looking for a slider phone! So this phone is cool and to have no payments that would save me over $100 dollars a month

  70. I could buy more clothes with my savings

  71. Since I don’t have a smartphone, this could change my life in many ways!

  72. Rebecca Swenor says

    I wouldn’t have to worry about having money for the cell phone every month. ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Helen Whaley says

    This would save me a fortune! I hardly use my phone away from a wireless source, so it would be practically free!

  74. virgil poore says

    i had no clue about this servicwe but oh my it would save me a lot of money every month.i just dont know how it all works but would be great

  75. This would be great

  76. Michael B says

    Not sure if this would really change my life since I do not know how exclusive wifi service compares to being on a cellular network.

  77. ruben a nieto says

    This would change my life extremely… This is exactly what I’ve been looking for as I have been needing a new phone and a new wireless phone service…

  78. Shana Hendrickson says

    Perfect for me, I’d much rather text than talk!

  79. Robby Rob says

    i haven’t heard of this before, but how awesome is that!? This is fantastic! Paying $140/mo for our family plan. This would be a huge savings.

  80. Carissa Knotts says

    I wouldn’t have to worry about having the money to pay the bill on time.

  81. MARY TOMKO says

    I would love to win this giveaway. Money is tight and hard to get by each month. Thanks for the opportunity

  82. David Yang says

    Having a cell phone with free mobile service would change my life by saving lots of money every month.

  83. Victor Galbraith says

    It would be awesome, I never had a cell phone.

  84. Daniel M says

    be great to be able to contact anyone from anywhere (i only have a landline now)

  85. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this company. So cool.

  86. CJ Godfrey says

    This would change my life by saving me great deal of money!

  87. I would love to have free service! I have trouble making all the ends meet every month.

  88. Stephanie says

    It sure would making having a phone alot cheaper and easy to know i dont ahve to worry about it!

  89. Christopher says

    This would be great for my father!

  90. ERICA BOSCIO says

    This would definitely help, as my unemployment has run out!

  91. Ava Curtis says

    Sounds great Thank You

  92. christine burd says

    This free service and phone would change my life by allowing me to call my children and husband more frequently

  93. Nice! I know I make 70% of my calls/data/text while in my wifi enabled home & office.

  94. sorry couldnt do instagram no cell here , but yea this is a great thing to win, i’d love this ty for the giveaway.

  95. Brenda Wood says

    Going through a divorce right now and so the income of my family has been less for some time now. It would make a huge difference to have free cell phone service and be able to use that money for other things like other utilities or groceries.

  96. Phillip Cardwell says

    Wouldn’t mind one!

  97. Free is awesome!!! I could save so much money, it would be great to have this phone and service to help save money!!!

  98. julie moore says

    I would feel awesome!!

  99. Shayla Shaw says

    I would love to win this phone for my 18 year old son who isn’t on our phone plans and needs a cell phone.He will be working soon and would really benefit from this phone for job searching and contacting potential employers, plus everyday communications.

  100. I’ve already got Tracfone practically free, but free-free would be even better.

  101. As a retiree, it would be great to have free service in case of an emergency.

  102. Great so where do I sign up? lol Love the idea of using my wi-fi.

  103. Awesome!

  104. Having this Scratch Service and phone change my life because it would save me a lot of money!

  105. If this provides good coverage and good service, this is a really great deal.

  106. Of course we’d love free service – yeah! But it seems to good to be true, on the other hand, it almost seems inevitable.

  107. Randy Compton says


  108. This would be very helpful since I do not have a cell phone.

  109. jennifer grover says

    This would be great for my kids or husband. Kids already have a free plan, but the phone isn’t cool. This one is, so would make me a winner

  110. Rebecca Budka says

    I would love to win this phone… All my kids have a nice phone I think its time to treat mommy to a new phone..

  111. Susan Smith says

    Oh my gosh this would save so much money

  112. Melissa Hayes says

    Cell phone with free service will save me a ton of money.

  113. Shawn Stover says

    awesome, I would be so happy!

  114. Sunnymay says

    Thanks for introducing me to Scratch Wireless. A free wireless connection to Wi-Fi can come in handy with a laptop so you can have a computer anywhere.

  115. joe gersch says

    i would love to have free service. mine is so expensive

  116. Karen T Gonyea says

    Who’s life wouldn’t change with a little bit of extra cash in their pocket every month !!! I could pay off some bills alot quicker !!

  117. Mihaela Day says

    Saving all that money would be great…sounds kinda too good to be true ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. Sounds like a great deal

  119. Sounds great, what’s the catch?

  120. Sandy Cain says

    Saving all that money would be great! I could start putting it away for Christmas presents for next year!

  121. This is a really awesome deal.

  122. Stephanie Galbraith says

    Cell phone with free service will save me a ton of money.

  123. We have two 16 year old daughters and it would be great for them to have a cell phone and the service is free.

  124. teresa null says

    it would help where we could have the free wireless phone instead of having to pay for another phone.. it helps when you live on a limited amount of money and cant afford it.. it is for the people who are disabled or get food stamps and that helps them because they are the ones that need to have the service the most..

  125. I like free unlimited text messaging.

  126. Natalie yeoman says

    It would save me a lot of money a month to put towards other bills

  127. I had never heard of a phone with free service! What a great deal!

  128. Rob Brown says

    Free sure beats what I’m spending on my cell plan now!

  129. Susan Chester says

    This would be so helpful because I don’t have a cell phone. I could really use one!

  130. sounds like a great deal

  131. We don’t have the money for a cell phone plan. This would be AWESOME!!

  132. Steve Stone says

    this would help me to save some money for sure.

  133. I’ve resisted getting a newer, nicer phone because of the cost. Right now I have a pay as you go plan and use it as little as possible. This would be a great improvement.

  134. Matt Ferrell says

    It would allow the saving of money

  135. This is awesome! My cell phone is so expensive and it would be a huge help to get ahead on other bills!

  136. Micah Reynolds says

    This would be amazing

  137. Maegan delorme says

    i would be able to use mobile, this would be great for price checking on the fly

  138. This would save me a lot of money of not having to pay for service.

  139. Thomas lockhart says

    saving a bunch of money would be great

  140. This would be a wonderful money saver! I’m rarely not on wifi and so it would be great to have something like this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  141. Stuart Conover says

    This would allow us to cut back on one of our cell phones and save quite a bit of money that would be tossed into our lil tot’s school fund!

  142. Denise Davis says

    I could save some money with this phone. Fingers crossed : )

  143. Thomas Murphy says

    This would really help me have some extra money for other things. Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. Andrew Nenstiel says

    Having FREE cell phone service will change my life because I will save $150+ a month paying cell phone bill every month. ๐Ÿ™‚

  145. Linda Boyd says

    Oh this would be amazing being that we live on disability. And the only phone we do have is a cell. I could use that extra money to pay for my daily meds. It would be godsent.

  146. Amanda Sakovitz says

    This would help me pay off other bills with the extra money.

  147. Colleen Boudreau says

    It would save money so that I can splurge on other fun things!

  148. Oh my gosh this would save so much money!!!!!!!!!!
    How amazing

  149. I still have a flip phone. I would love the price check shopping apps that you can use with these new phones. I could save some money

  150. This would save me my monthly cellphone bill, allowing me to pay it towards debt instead

  151. Brigitte B says

    Believe it or not but I am still using a minute phone that doesn’t have any modern features (ie no camera, no apps, etc). If I won this prize I can join the rest of the folks living in the 21st century. I am also on a fixed income so the free phone service would be like winning the lottery for a million dollars.

  152. It would save lots of money! You could even keep it as a backup if you don’t want to eliminate your other phone.

  153. christine jessamine says

    This would save me so much money. I would love to win this!

  154. Anastasia says

    Wow, free service?!! I’d never heard of Scratch Wireless before, but this is amazing! It would change my life by saving me on high wireless bills and giving me access to the internet when I’m out around town! I can look up directions and even coupons when I’m shopping! How exciting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  155. Alicia Thibadeau says

    That sounds awesome, too good to be true, it would help me cut down on mobile costs.

  156. Lauren Olivia Wood says

    I did not know this service was free but it would certainly make my life easier.

  157. This will really have a big impact with connecting with people and saving money

  158. nancyfancypink says

    Have free phone service would change my life in that I would be able save more money. My husband and I are working toward saving enough money so that I can quit my job and stay at home with our kids.

  159. Jacob LaFountaine says

    One less monthly bill I have to worry about

  160. Elizabeth Ray says

    The only cell I have is a no frills, dinosaur. No texting. No camera. No contact list. No nothing. I can make a phone call. That’s it. I have it in case of emergencies. However, there are times when it would be VERY helpful to have a cell phone. My friends are having a fit. I think it’s time I joined this century and got something more modern. This would be great.

  161. david basile says

    great a break on my bill

  162. Monique Rizzo says

    I it would free up a bit of money for other things!
    Thanks for the chance.

  163. i could use a new phone, mine is in the process of dying

  164. Linda Lansford says

    free !!!! I can use a break

  165. it will save me much needed money !

  166. Bev Henry says

    It would be nice to have something that does it all

  167. Amanda S. says

    the phone would change the way I shop! Id compare prices more often.

  168. This phone will make it easier for me to stay in touch with friends and family and access new games and music.

  169. JAMES LYNAM says

    RETIRED. I need a phone like this to stay in contact & have fun.

  170. Matthew W says

    It would change my life by being able to carry 1 device to do everything on . That way I wouldnt be so stressed about losing something with sensetive information on it all the time

  171. RICHARD HICKS says

    It will change my life because I currently use a plain jane phone and this one has lots of bells and whistles!

  172. this would change things for me by saving money using the cell phone

  173. Kim Kihega says

    It would allow me to be more connected to my family!

  174. Charlotte Padgett says

    I have had no experience with anything except the plane old cell phone, so I really don’t know just what this will do for me, yet. but I sure can hope for lots of improvements.

  175. Stephen Saunders says

    I’ve never had a smartphone, so this would be a huge upgrade over my flip phone. It would make me modern I guess.

  176. Julie Wood says

    It will save me tons of money on phone service. I never heard that I can get free Wireless service! I would also be able to keep in touch with my family more with this phone. I do not have a phone now with the Internet on it!
    The tweet in the Rafflecopter is too big, so I used the tweet at the bottom.

  177. Mary Happymommy says

    My husband doesn’t have a smartphone so this would change his life by being able to check emails on the go.

  178. Lisa Brown says

    it will help me keep in touch with my husband during the day.

  179. Jose Benavides says

    This would change my life by not having an old antique phone and having an up to date phone with many features..

  180. teresa null says

    would make my life better because trying to get my grandson a new phone but couldn’t afford to do another iphone.. this would make him so happy and nana such a winner~

  181. Joseph Mikota says

    Free phone service would make life a lot easier for everyone in the family. It would make a great security blanket.

  182. Brittney House says

    I will be able to capture moments with videos and pictures.

  183. Ann Fantom says

    This phone would change my wife because I would give it to my husband who doesn’t own a cell phone. I would now be able to contact him

  184. lynn brannen says

    We are on a tight budget sooooo I would be able to save on my phone bill and catch up on my other bills.

  185. I have never had a smartphone (we have one flip phone that we all share). I would love to get one to be able to use as a phone, and then be able to do all the cool things smartphones can do. We don’t have the money for a cell phone plan, so this plan would be perfect.

  186. Well given how old my phone is that I reboot it all the time, it will save my life simply by being newer ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  187. I like it because it has a key Bord , and I hate my current smart phone

  188. Chrystal D says

    It would be easier for me to do things than on my current phone and would save me a lot of money!

  189. Margaret Smith says

    Right now I have a basic pay as you go phone. Having this phone would help me be able to use Wi-Fi whenever I needed to away from home. Love all the great features this phone offers.
    Thanks so much.

  190. Melissa Stover says

    Well my Fiance has a dinosaur phone from the prehistoric Era so I would give him my phone and use this one ๐Ÿ™‚

  191. Sarah Colesky says

    I actually don’t have a phone, so I would be able to call people!

  192. Juanita A May says

    My hubby doesn’t own a cell phone, so I would give him my old phone and keep this one and he could call me.

  193. This would help me to get things done on the go

  194. My pre-teen daughter would stop bugging me for one, because I’d give it to her.

  195. Dwayne Berry says

    This phone would not change my life.

  196. ERICA WEAVER says


  197. steve weber says

    with the fast service it would speed up my productivity time.

  198. We have cut back on all non-necessities, and that includes giving up the cell phone. It’s been a real challenge! I would so love to have a cell phone again!

  199. debi affrunti says

    I Would give to my daughter so she would call me ๐Ÿ™‚

  200. Crystal Rogers Walker says

    It would change my life by saving me a ton of money on my cell phone bill which I need badly


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