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Most recently I had the chance in reviewing a few products from Tech Armor in exchange for writing this post. Regardless all opinions are my own.
Tech Armor is a company that produces affordable products for their customers. What products you may ask? Tech Armor carries a wide variety of products for your electronics; Screen protectors, phone cases, power banks, charger cables, etc. Offering products for Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, LG, and Huawei. Tech Armor only uses the highest quality  components available on the market. They’re products have a lifetime product replacement warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your product(s). They have created a #1 selling product on Amazon, only selling 2 products their first day, then later on making over 3 millions dollars in just the first 3 months!
The products I had a chance in reviewing were; 
Tech Armor Active Power 20800mAH External Battery Portable Dual USB Power Bank. 20800mAH is a lot of power, so if that’s what you are all about then this is the power bank for you! All this power can charge most mobile phones from 0-100% up to 7 times! Even large tablets can be charged up to 1 and half times. You won’t have to worry about charging the power bank any time soon, you can relax and charge your different devices. Whether you have a phone, a tablet, a portable gaming device, bluetooth speakers, or bluetooth earbuds, it will charge it!
Shop Tech Armor For the Best Holiday Tech Gifts
You can even charge two devices at once, a phone and a speaker, two gaming devices, a tablet and bluetooth earbuds whatever it may be,this affordable power bank should be something everyone has! It features a built-in flash light too, so if you’re on the go and it’s dark you won’t be blind trying to plug in your devices. Tech Armor Active Power 20800mAH External Battery Portable Dual Power Bank is covered by an industry-leading hassle-free two-year warranty, 
Tech Armor’s power banks are only available with the highest quality, long lasting Korean Grade A batteries.
I took this power bank with me while my husband and I went to an amusement park. We were there for around 7 hours, of course we both brought our phones and when their battery got low or when one of them died I plugged it into the power bank in my purse. They both charged up pretty quickly, and I was able to charge my phone fully once more before we went home. For all it’s power and features it’s quite an affordable product.
Premium Apple Certified Braided Lightning cable, Charge Sync, Dual Shielded Premium Quality, 6 Feet in the color White. Tech Armor’s high performance braided cables use only the highest quality components, from their oxygen free copper conductors to their custom designed connectors. Other chargers that I have for my apple products have always frayed and broke. But this is a different one, it’s braided and made with fabric, I have had headphones in the past where the wire was made the same way and they lasted longer than normal headphones. 
As you can see the amazing difference in quality in the photo below. Tech Armor beats both of the other cables by far! Not only that, Tech Armor’s cable is much lower in price than both of the other cables. 
Shop Tech Armor For the Best Holiday Tech Gifts
Tech Armor’s cables are triple shielded for superior rejections of radio frequency and electromagnetic noise and interference. Also their cable jacks use state-of-the-art nitrogen-injected, skin-foam dielectric that ensure the lowest possible signal loss. This cable complete with a lifetime warranty. 
High Speed Dual USB Car Charger is 2.1 amp and 15 watt that comes in the color black or white. You can use both ports to either charge two smartphones simultaneously or a tablets.
Shop Tech Armor For the Best Holiday Tech Gifts
Car chargers come in handy a lot, my husband works and needs his phone to be charged so he can contact me if anything were to happen. Same for my son. This one is especially great due to the fact now me and my husband don’t fight over who gets to use the charger while in the car. 
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