Skylanders Imaginators For The PS4 Review


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Skylanders Imaginators For The PS4 Review

Skylanders is back at it again, but this time with, IMAGINATORS. The new Skylanders Imaginators allows players to unlock their imaginations and bring their creations to life! This game features an all-new adventure with puzzles, battles, and a compelling storyline and a new lineup of not only heroes but villains as well.


In Skylanders Imaginators, the story takes place long ago, when the Ancients used a power known as “Mind Magic.” This power was used to create everything in Skylands, they could conjure up anything in their existence just using their imagination. But soon, they realized, with such a power comes big responsibility, and if it landed in the wrong hands Skylands could be in grave danger. To avoid the strong power being misused the Ancients sealed it away. But, Kaos an evil  Portal Master found out about the Ancien’s secret and has unleashed the power of “Mind Magic” in Skylands once again, but not for good.. He is using this mysterious power to create an army of unstoppable Doomlanders to help him take over Skylands.
 Skylanders Imaginators For The PS4 Review
It is up to you and the good Portal Masters to create Skylanders Imaginators from their own imagination to stop Kaos and the Doomlanders….before it is too late. To give you some extra help, two new guest star characters have been added! Crash Bandicoot and his arch-nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex. Joining in the line up of Skylanders and full playable characters. They even have a whole level dedicated to them! “Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands”, giving Crash fans some nostalgia. 
Skylanders Imaginators For The PS4 Review
Skylanders Imaginators features the Mysterious Ancient Place, also known as M.A.P. It is a brand new overworld never before seen with tons of areas to explore, new experiences, and new rewards to find. M.A.P even includes Sensei Realms where you can create giant toys, overcome eerie crypts,  solve puzzles and find new items for your Imginators all through each realm: Tech Sensei Realm, Undead Sensei Realm, and Water Sensei Realm. 
Players like you have the power to create your very own Skylanders Imaginators. With ten new Battle Classes combined with the ten Elemental Classes and over a thousand creation pieces, there is literally an unlimited amount of ways to create an Imaginator. 
Skylanders Imaginators For The PS4 Review
Along with the release of Skylander Imaginators, also came the new mobile app for the game, “Skylanders Creator.” It lets players take their creations on the go! Including similar creation tools in the console game. Players have the chance to either create new Imaginators on the app, or transfer their creations from the console game to the app. The app is available on select, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. 
But for the first time in toy-to-life history, players can make their Skylanders Imagintor come to life, in physical form! While supplies last, players can choose to have their creations transformed into 3Dprinted Imaginator figures! Not only that, they can create cards with full color images of their Skylanders Imaginators, and even have a customized shirt featuring images of your creations!
Skylanders Imaginators For The PS4 Review
This new game has so many features, you will never get bored. With Arena Battles where you can put your skills to the test in three-round matches. And if you loved racing with friends online back in Skylanders SuperChargers, you’ll enjoy Skylanders Imaginators. It is back, including all of the tracks and and game options, all your Skylanders from your creations, and legacy Skylanders can race. 

If you want a break from all the action and being a hero, you can sit  back and visit the Hall Of Selfies in the Skylanders Academy, and do other activities as well. In the game you can capture your Skylanders nearly anywhere in the game, including special Selfie Spots where you can earn gold to help level up that character!
With Christmas only a few days away and parents doing last minute shopping, this is sure to be a great present for all fans on Skylanders. 

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