Skylanders SuperChargers Just in Time For The Holidays!

Skylanders SuperChargers Just in Time For The Holidays!
Skylands is in double trouble! Kaos has released his most evil weapon; The Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction!! Now Skylands is on the verge of collapsing, but, have no fear! The Skylanders SuperChargers are here! Skylanders are back ready to navigate their incredible vehicles in this fight to save the Skylands! But, Skylanders will need your help to pilot these superchargers vehicles across land, under seas, and through the skys to put a stop to Kaos and his weapon!
Skylanders SuperChargers Just in Time For The Holidays!
I’m glad to say my youngest son and I had the chance in reviewing the new, “Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack” for the Playstation 3. The Starter Pack includes the “Skylanders SuperChargers” video game, a collector’s poster, a portal of power, 2 Powerful Skylanders SuperChargers figures, and 1 Dynamic Skylanders Vehicle. My son has always been a fan of Skylanders since they first came out. He was so excited to play this new one, especially after he found out you can use old Skylanders figures and match them with a Supercharger vehicle!
You can embark on a wild new adventure across Skylands all while saving it from perishing. Ride fast and fully armed playing with online in a new online multiplayer race and co-op mode. 
Kids will never get bored of this game when there is 40+ Skylanders and vehicles to collect and play with. Collect all different types of vehicles, ones for land, air and sea! 
Skylanders SuperChargers are the best heroes that are specially trained control the most powerful vehicles in Skylands, pair a Skylanders SuperCharger with their signature vehicle to unleash the ultimate experience and attack! Match Splat with her Splatter Splasher vehicle, or Astroblast with his Sun Runner, or even pair Dive-Clops with his Dive Bomber all for the ultimate Supercharged combo! 
Skylanders SuperChargers Just in Time For The Holidays!
My son enjoyed this game so much, he had a lot of fun using his older Skylanders figures and pairing them with the giving Supercharger vehicle, he liked exploring Skylands and finding neat stuff. He even found a few friends of his that had the game too and they played for hours racing against each other with their vehicles and helping each other in the story mode to help defeat Kaos!

Official Skylanders SuperChargers: Max Chilton Breaks Records in his SuperCharged Race Car!

1 Video Game
NEW Portal of Power
2 Skylanders Figures
1 Skylanders Vehicle
1 Collection Poster


Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation3, PlayStation4 System, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, iPad, iPhone
Genre: Family Entertainment / Casual

Skylanders SuperChargers Just in Time For The Holidays!

If your child is a fan of Skylanders they are sure to love this game! 
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