Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Super Shaker Review

My teenage daughter who is 16years old is hard child to wake up in the morning. There has been so many times she has missed the bus because the alarm clock didn’t wake her up. That’s when I got the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Super Shaker from Sonic Alert has been supplying amplified alarm clocks, telephones, signalers, and personal listening devices for over 39 years! The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Super Shaker was designed for guys and girls of all ages. And made to wake even the deepest sleepers.

This alarm clock comes with a bed shaker, and alarm with113 db extra-loud sound and adjustable tone & volume control. They aren’t kidding. I could her this clock going off from outside of my house! It’s amazingly loud for an alarm clock. It really packs a punch and sure to wake up your anyone!

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Super Shaker Review

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Super Shaker Review

This product is very well made and does what it says. The alarm clock it self is not the actual bed shaker. It comes with a plug-in attachment that goes under your mattress to vibrate and wake you up. This is a great product I recommend for everyone!

The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Super Shaker is a great bedside alarm clock as well as an easy travel clock. Basic easy to use functions with a unique extra-loud alarm. Large number display and powerful bed shaker allows others to sleep while you wake to the quiet vibrating bed shaker.


  • 113 db extra-loud alarm (with adjustable tone & volume control)
  • SS12VW Super Shaker bed vibrating unit
  • User selectable snooze time 1-30 minutes your choice
  • User selectable alarm duration from 1-59 minutes
  • Improved battery backup, will back up the time and alarm settings up to one week
  • New green power technology now uses 60% less energy
  • Alarm & Bed Shaker Test Mode, now test these functions at any time
  • Hi/low dimmer switch
  • Dual time (12 / 24 hour time formats)
  • One-year Sonic Alert blast-proof warranty
  • Dual power capability, this model SB200ss-v2 requires a travel adapter for 220 volt power.

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