Standzout iPad Stand Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a Standzfree iPad Floor Stand by Standzout. Standzout was nice enough to send me over this product free of charge in exchange for this post.

Standzfree is an all new model that now includes a telescoping height adjustment, which mean Standzfree up to 48″ (120cm) tall. They added and extra 12″ in a telescoping tube so it is adjustable if you need the additional height for your use.

Standzout iPad Stand Review

This is a very well made, and extremely sturdy product. I love that there’s no limit to where you can take Standzfree. Rooftop, patio, porch, bedroom, office, living room you name it! The Standzfree keeps your workspace free of anymore clutter. I found that I can enjoy my tablet in ways I never thought of. I no longer have to prop my iPad in my night stand drawer while I lay in bed watching a movie or browse Facebook. Reading, watching movies, listening to videos, sending tweets and checking out new apps is now all hands-free in nearly every situation.

Standzout iPad Stand Review Standzout iPad Stand Review

The stand  weighs 6 lb. , and is also very simple to assemble.  Compatible with iPad models including the original iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3rd gen. and iPad 4th gen. Enjoy the full 360 degree rotation, while the ball and socket connector allows tilt and swivel in all directions.
Heavy duty, V-shaped base, and easy to insert and remove iPad from ABS plastic holder.

This is the perfect holiday gift I recomend to everyone. Shop Standzout today at

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