The Ultimate All-Year Gift Guide for Parents

The holiday period might be over, but there’s a whole new year ahead of us, full of joyous occasions for gift giving. Christmas is the time where we all get worked into a frenzy, trying to buy presents for every single one of our loved ones. But there are opportunities to give gifts all year round, and each time we have to think of something new. There are birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and many more one-off celebrations. Your parents can be some of the hardest people to buy for. After all, you’ve been giving them presents for your whole life, and it can start to feel like you’re running out of steam. But there are always new trends every year, and your parents are still developing new interests, even as they reach their later years. When you’re next stuck for a gift idea for them, try our handy guide for all occasions.

Food and Drink

Everyone loves to eat and drink, although some like to do it more than others. But it isn’t just consuming food and drink that people enjoy. Cooking is more than just a way to get dinner on the table for many people, whether they’re passionate about baking or barbecue. If one of your parents is a foodie, you can choose to get them something to create with or something they can enjoy right out of the package. Boxt Christmas hampers and similar products make great gifts for anyone who loves food and drink. You can put in artisanal snacks, recipe kits and drinks. Even a basket full of wine will go down well with a lot of parents.

Tech-savvy Grannies

Older generations are often thought of as being a bit useless with technology, but many seniors can pick up using a tablet as well as the next person. Whether your parents are just creeping out of middle-aged or they’ve already become grandparents, it’s likely they still appreciate a new gadget. If they’ve mastered using the internet and spend hours on the computer, a tablet could be the perfect gift. They’re great for staying in touch with the rest of the family or making video calls to friends.


Every family has a DIY lover, whether they like fiddling with the plumbing and electrics or crafting their own furniture. You can’t go wrong with something to add to their toolbox or perhaps some inspiration for a new project. If you get them a tool, why not go for something innovative and unexpected. For example, the Cole-Bar might look like a hammer, but it’s seven different tools in one. It’s like a mini toolbox all by itself.


Retirees have a reputation for spending their time gardening. While not everyone has green thumbs, it’s an excellent way to spend your free time in the fresh air. And the great thing is, if one of your parents loves to garden, there are hundreds of potential gifts. Buy them a new tool, something interesting to grow or something to make all that bending down a little easier.

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