Tips for a Great Family Vacation with Kids in Phuket

Tips for a Great Family Vacation with Kids in Phuket

As summer is around the corner, the excitement of travelers is at its peak. One of the most nerve wrecking thing about traveling is when you have to plan a family getaway that also involves kids. Not only it requires you to pay particular attention to your budget since you are traveling with more dependents for you to sponsor, but you also need to pick a destination that is kids friendly and have ample activities for your kids to have fun. It is usually tough to find all that in a single package, but thanks to the pocket-friendly tourism in Thailand, Phuket is the perfect solution to your family travel problems.  

Some people are reluctant to cover Phuket because they are scared of the additional time and travel costs. Luckily, Phuket now has an international airport that caters to international flights in an out of a lot of major transit hubs such as Dubai. Alternatively, there are flights to Phuket and back via Bangkok almost every hour so you can choose to go to Phuket directly with a short layover without wasting a lot of time and money. Here is why Phuket is going to be your perfect family getaway.

The Beaches

Kids love beaches. Sand, water and lots of open space to play around is the best thing you can provide your kids and Phuket is home to numerous fabulous beaches. Each beach in Phuket has its unique aura so you can choose one according to your preferences. There is a very touristy and lively Patong beach, a more serene Karon beach and an exotic Kata beach. There are many other smaller beaches if you want to move away from the crowd too. Almost all of the beaches have soft sand that is brushed by turquoise or emerald waters which makes them fantastic for kids and families. The endless water sports options add to the bonus. Be sure to also check check out whale watching los angeles.

Water Parks

If the beach and water sports are not enough to satisfy your kids, water fun cravings, head to one of the Water Parks in Phuket such as Splash. From lazy rivers to splash pads to twister tunnels, these water parks have something for everyone in the family. You can quickly do a full day to the water park, and you will not regret your decision one bit.

Jungle Trekking and Animal Sanctuaries

If your family has had enough of the beaches, explore some nature. Phuket has a lot of scenic beauty with lush green national parks. You can book one of the many Phuket Tours for some safari experience. Trek the beautiful jungle trails or have an elephant ride. Your kids will love interacting with the elephants. If you have older kids such as teenagers, do try river rafting or zip lining for some extra adventure.

Phuket Fantasea

The Fantasea show is one of the most significant cultural show in the country with incredible performances and scrumptious food. Your kids will love getting up close and personal with the White Tiger. The show takes place daily and is a fantastic blend of color, thrill, and festivities from all parts of the country.

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