Tips on How to Save Up Space in Small Rooms

Tips on How to Save Up Space in Small Rooms

Today everything is about less. Consuming less, buying less, and living in less space. With the minimalist movement and the sudden popularity of tiny houses, it seems that humans are trying to be more aware of what they consume and how much space they take up.

There are plenty of reasons why one might be looking for ways to best utilize the space in a small room. You could be downsizing, or putting a couple of kids into one bedroom. Either way, there are techniques you can use to make the smallest of spaces seem like there is room for days. Here are some we found.

Choose a Light Color

When painting the small bedroom in question try to avoid dark heavy colors, which will just give the impression of a smaller room. Instead, try a light color like white or a light beige. Not only will the light color give the impression of a larger room it will be easier to paint over than a dark color when you want to redecorate.

Consider a Murphy Bed

This is a bed that folds into the wall or a standing cabinet. They are all the rage in small New York City apartments and are a great space saver for your small bedroom or that guest room you would like to double as an office. Murphy beds are just the thing to create more room in a small space.

Or Bunk Beds

If you are looking for tips on how to save up space in a small room because you have more kids than bedrooms, then you might want to consider bunk beds. Kids not only think they are fun the amount of space you will save is enormous.

Bunk beds are not a new concept, but there are modern takes on the concept, some which have been reviewed by The Sleep Judge in this post about best bunk beds. If your goal is to have two or more children share a bedroom then bunk beds are your best bedding option for saving space.

Under the Bed Storage

One of the most obvious places to store things in a tiny bedroom is under the bed. Platform beds work great for this since there is no box spring. There are containers on the market that are specifically designed to for under the bed storage. This option is great for things you might not need to get to right away like out of season clothing and gift wrap supplies like paper and bows.

Use Mirrors

Putting mirrors on opposite walls is a great way to give the illusion that a room has more space than meets the eye. This tip won’t necessarily create more space in your small bedroom as much as it will just make the room feel larger as a whole. You don’t need to put full length mirrors on those walls to create this effect. A couple mirrors of different shapes picked up at estate sales and thrift stores should work just fine.

Stripes are Your Friend

You know how when person where’s horizontal stripes it makes them look a little bit larger? This effect can be used in your bedroom as well. Try painting some stripes on one wall or getting a wallpaper that has horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes are great at making a room feel taller. If you can’t paint stripes or put up wallpaper try an area rug with stripes. This could help as well.

Natural Light is Also Your Friend

When your bedroom is small you want to accentuate the positive. Natural sunlight makes everything look better and actually has the ability to create the image of room being bigger than it actually is. So use light window curtains and keep them drawn during the day.

Use Your Furniture For More Than One Thing

Are you a fan of having a vanity space in your bedroom but you also want to do work in there from time to time. Put a desk in your room that could be used for both activities. Of course, this would mean keeping more things in that area but there are ways around that as well.

Get a Great Shelving Unit

There are shelving units that will take up an entire wall, which, if you have the room, could be a great way to save up space. Each cubby hole could house baskets with your items. You can keep books, a few knick-knacks, and other memorable items in one area freeing up dresser tops, drawers, and closet space.

Put More Shelves Above the Bed

Directly above the bed is typically the emptiest place in a bedroom. Why not add a headboard that has drawers and shelves or have shelves installed directly above the bed. This is another area for you to keep a wide variety of items.

Start Purging

While we just spent the better part of two paragraphs explaining where to keep your stuff it might be time to get rid of some of it. Do you have clothing items your haven’t worn in years or a beat up stuffed animal that give you a great memory but is taking up needed space? Get rid of it.

You will be amazed at how great you will feel when you diminish your need to acquire and keep so much unnecessary items. Creating a minimalist lifestyle is just as green as having an eco-friendly kitchen.


There are a great many ways to not only give the illusion of more space in your tiny bedroom but to actually create the space you need.


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