TLC For Your Eyeglasses So They Last Longer

If you are befuddled by why your eyesight still seems a little fuzzy even though you just got a new pair of eyeglasses, you should probably check them out. Are they clean and clear? Or are they full of scratches and dirt? If they are clean and clear, you should probably call your optometrist and have your eyes checked again. If your glasses aren’t clean, then you need to do a better job taking care of them, and you can do that with a few simple tips. Most of them won’t even cost you anything. 

1. Don’t ever put your eyeglasses lens side down. Leave them folded up, or even better, in an eyeglass case for protection. Having the eyeglasses sitting on their lens side will lead to scratching that isn’t fixable. Leaving them out in the open leaves them prone to being stepped on, falling, or breaking. If you really want to take extra caution, consider buying an extra case or two for your glasses, and leave one in your car or in your purse, so that you are never without one. Cases are pretty cheap, and you can get stylish and colorful ones at stores like Zenni Optical.

2. Don’t use anything other than a micro-fiber lens cloth or pre-moistened lens cleaning tissues to clean your glasses. You may think that your t-shirt is pretty soft, or that something like Kleenex couldn’t possibly hurt your glasses, but in reality, your lenses are very, very sensitive. Any materials other than those designated specifically for your glasses are too abrasive to use, and could create scratches, resulting in damage to your lens. According to the Wall Street Journal, you don’t even need a special spray. Just a little dish soap, warm water, and cloth will do the trick.

3. Use both hands to remove your eyeglasses from your face. This definitely will not make you one of the cool kids. It will, however, preserve the fit of your frames and prevent them from bending too far. You also run the risk of mis-aligning your frames, resulting in an awkward fit. If you want to avoid sending in your glasses for professional repair, YouTube offers plenty of resources for fixing your issue, whether it’s aligning your frames, or repairing the hinges on your frames.  Eyeglass repair kits are available in any drug store for very cheap.

4. Avoid leaving your glasses in the sun or a hot car. High temperatures can damage, crack, or warp your frames. In a hot car, the windshield will act like a magnifying glass, creating even more damage on your eyewear.

5. Clean your eyeglasses every day. Regular, daily maintenance is essential to preserving your glasses for as long as possible.

6. If you are cleaning your glasses regularly, and do not see any evidence of scratches or other damage, but are still experiencing fuzziness in your eyesight, or headaches or strain to read or see, you should consult your optometrist. Eyeglasses can only enhance your vision – they can’t actually fix your vision for you.

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