Too Many Rocks in your Pocket

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a unique product called Too Many Rocks in your Pocket.
Too Many Rocks in your Pocket was also nice enough to send me over their product in exchange for my post.
Too Many Rocks in your Pocket is a great concept for people with lots of stress or even a little. This is also a great way to help relive some of the stress in your life by just tossing that stress away in your pocket. I prefer my purse or wallet because sometime I don’t have pockets.
Too Many Rocks in your Pocket
Anyway Too Many Rocks in your Pocket was designed to help make you more aware of the stress that you face daily, and as a vehicle to help end the day by removing some of the layers. This is no guarantee this will work, it’s simply a step to identify stress relief.
As we go through our day we collect a variety of stress issues, when one of these issues occurs select the appropriate rock, put a rock in your pocket (purse, backpack or in a spot that makes the weight noticeable).

Too Many Rocks in your Pocket

At the end of the day “empty the rocks out”, this is a step in wiping the slate clean of the variety of issues that have taken up a stressful space in your life.

This concept works by forcing people to confront their stresses, visually and physically, instead of suppressing them and letting them fester. Most of us deal with stress by trying to ignore it where it builds and builds until it bursts. This program forces us, at the end of the day, to physically confront our issues and literally unload them one at a time. It is a tool designed as a step towards identifying stress relief; not as a solution in and of itself. The concept is simple yet effective which is the best kind.

Too Many Rocks in your Pocket would make for a great stocking stuffer this holiday season. Shop
Too Many Rocks in your Pocket today at

Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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