Top 5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Summer Camp For Your Kids

Summer camp is a great way to provide an excellent learning opportunity for your child. A chance for your child to have a blast and meet a lot of new friends all in an entertaining environment. Summer camp is something your child will always remember. Options for camps are endless with day camps, Adirondack kids camps, mini-camps, summer camps and more. Some even taking kids as young as toddlers and Camp Chateaugay has a teen program. Summer camps also serve as a place for kids to learn valuable life skills and tools that will remain with them a lifetime. Before sending your child to camp please consider these 5 things when choosing a summer camp for your kids.

Consider the cost and make sure it’s in your budget, because summer camps are not cheap. If your just looking for a break from the kids this may not be the best option for you. It will most likely cost the amount you would pay for a week long vacation to an amazing getaway if not more. But if your looking to give them an experience they will never forget then by all means do it.

Your child’s interests
Determining which type of camp interests your child is important an something you will want to consider. Many camps are based on themes such as: Baseball camp, fat camp, swimming camp, dance camp and some have many things available to do for activities. Consider your child’s interests before sending them. You wouldn’t want to send your child to a basketball camp if they love dancing.

Location of the camp you want to send your child to is key. What if you child had an emergency. You need to be able to get to them in a reasonable time. Try finding something no longer than an hour away. It’s hard enough being away from your parents let alone having an emergency and not having mom or dad with you.

Background check of the camp
Many camps are not require to conduct background checks on their counselors. For the sake of your child’s safety this is something you should look into. As well as online reviews of the camp your interested in.

Refund Policy
Lastly find out what the camps refund policy is. In the event your child has a break down and want’s to come home. Or if they get injured and need to come home its important you find out if you can receive a refund. Sometimes when it’s a child’s first time at camp away from mom and dad they can’t handle it.

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