Touch 8 aPen Review

I recently had the pleasure of testing out the Touch 8 aPen. This uses an ultrasound and infrared technology that consists of ultrasonic digital stylus and a small receiving unit to turn your Windows 8 screen into a touch screen. It will enable all non-touch PC Monitor & laptop screens with touchscreen features that are 17″ and smaller.

aPen was nice enough to send over one for me to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


I found this product to be fairly easy to use. I had to get a little help from my husband setting it up. Manly because I was confused. There were no drivers to install and no long instructions. It was pretty simple just plug it in, configure and play.

The Touch 8 aPen comes with a pen-shaped stylus that makes note taking feel more natural. Drawing is so much more fun than trying to use a mouse. I find that creating artwork for my job is so much easier with Touch 8 aPen stylus. The pen is well made and built to last.

Touch 8 aPen Review

Touch 8 aPen Review

Not only can I send my loved ones personal notes – in you, but they can now receive it in my handwriting.  Imagine taking that favorite photo of you and your friends on your last vacation together, and adding personal comments or humorous memories from the trip – all right on the photo. Then share that photo via Facebook, Flickr or any social / sharing website you want.
Plug and play!

When I first got my laptop I wished I had gotten the touch screen. However I didn’t want to spend that much. Especially when The Touch 8 aPen is available for $79.99 at That saves me a ton of money and now my Windows 8 laptop is now a touch screen.

Transform any non-touchscreen monitor into a touch display using this stylus pen. Play games, draw art, sign your name on a document and make notes, right on the screen!
Touch 8 aPen Review

Special Features:

  • Transforms non-touch screen PC Monitor or Laptop into a touchscreen(with pen)
  • Enables the ability to touch and write on your Windows 8 Computer or Laptop monitor.
  • Plug and play – no drivers required
  • Works exclusively with the Windows 8 environment
  • Business ,Presentations, Drawing, Games, Education, And more
  • Slide, swap, or drag to operate, browse images and web pages
  • Play Games, hand write emails, draw pictures, annotate documents, & more

Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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