Tuft & Needle Makes It Easy To Give The Gift of Good Nights Sleep

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Tuft & Needle Makes It Easy To Give The Gift of  Good Nights Sleep
Looking for the perfect gift this holiday? Give the gift of a good night’s sleep. I know it’s been years since I have a had a great night sleep. You just can’t put a price on sleep, it really is invaluable, however with Tuft & Needle’s amazing quality, and honestly priced mattresses almost anyone can afford to give loved ones a great night sleep. I had not heard of a Tuft & Needle mattress until one day I was online looking to get my youngest son who is still using his sisters old mattress a new one. I just fell in love with it. The reviews online were great and the price was the lowest I have seen.
Tuft & Needle Makes It Easy To Give The Gift of Good Nights Sleep
Even better Tuft & Needle contacted me and asked if they could send over a mattress for us to check out. So we were sent over a Tuft & Needle Twin size mattress. The mattress shipped very quickly and the prices ranges from $350-$750. 
Tuft & Needle Makes It Easy To Give The Gift of Good Nights Sleep
Once the mattress arrived we quickly unboxed it, and it was set up in less than 3 minutes. What’s different about this mattress is it comes conveniently compressed in a small box that only weights about 50lbs for the Twin, and ships free of charge right to your doorstep. 
Tuft & Needle’s mattress is just 2 layers of T&N Adaptive Foam and a high quality support layer that forms the perfect foundation for a great nights sleep for any size or weight. The more pressure you apply to the mattress, the more it reacts to support you.
Tuft & Needle Makes It Easy To Give The Gift of Good Nights Sleep
Plus it compatible with most bed frames whether you put it on a box spring, the floor, slatted frame, or adjustable frame. 
The Tuft & Needle also works to keep your body cool while you sleep. The foam works in three ways to draw heat from your body and disperse it out of the mattress. First heat is drawn into the mattress where gel and graphite work together to disperse heat outward and away from your body. Next with the help of the special fabric, air flows through the foam cells to boost the speed of heat transfer through the mattress. Lastly, the support layer helps hold you closer to the surface to avoid the oven effect caused by sinking in too deeply.
Tuft & Needle Makes It Easy To Give The Gift of Good Nights Sleep
Tuft & Needle bases the price of thier mattresses on a formula that allows them to afford quality materials crafted in the United States, and allows them to treat thier employees and customers right. The end result is for the consumer is a high-quality, honest product at a fair price!  
Tuft & Needle Makes It Easy To Give The Gift of Good Nights Sleep
Once our mattress was set up my husband and I were blown away by the comfort. It’s not often you see such a large mattress this thick shipped in a small box with so much comfort. The matters inflated very quickly. The white cover is very soft to the touch. The cover is also removable if you wanted to wash it. When you sit or lay down on it, it does not sink much at all. There is a lot more support than we would have ever expected.  
Tuft & Needle Makes It Easy To Give The Gift of Good Nights Sleep
Once the mattress was fully inflated it was smooth with no ripples or bumps. The mattress is in between very soft and very firm. My son says his mattress is now so comfortable he doesn’t want to get up in the morning. He just wants to sleep in. He also said he falls a asleep fast. Which is a great thing for mom and dad. 
Watch our quick unboxing video below.

Tuft & Needle has you covered. If you find that you don’t like you mattress, they have a 100 Night Trial that’s free, with zero hassle if you decide to return it. However I think you will love it! Their mattresses are built to last, and Tuft & Needle backs that up by giving you and easy 10-year warranty.
I highly recommend this mattress. The Tuft & Needle Mattress would also make for a wonderful gift this holiday season. You can purchase your own Tuft & Needle or buy one as a gift online at www.tuftandneedle.com.
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  1. This looks like an awesome mattress! I just upgraded mine and would have loved to know about this one.

  2. Yona Williams says

    I wrote a piece about this company before, just a little overview. It’s cool to see the mattresses in use outside of the company’s website.

  3. wow, a better nights sleep is always welcomed into my home… I’ll have to check into this, thanks for sharing : )

  4. I’ve never heard on this brand but I’m going to check them out. We are in the market for a new mattress.

  5. Emma Spellman says

    My two boys need new matresses since they are growing out of their toddlers ones. These look so nice and affordable!

  6. That looks like a very good mattress. I may need to replace some mattresses around here in the next few years. I’ll keep this one in mind.

  7. uprunforlife says

    My oldest son needs a new mattress. His is over 8 years old and it really should be replaced. Sleep is super important and if they don’t have a comfy mattress then they could be missing out on precious sleep.

  8. Michelle @ DishesAndDustBunnies.com says

    This looks like such a comfortable mattress! Nothing better than a good night’s sleep and I bet this does the trick quite nicely!

  9. Myteenguide says

    Feels like my kids and I can sleep well in this mattress. I’m planning to change our mattress and this one will be perfect!

  10. It looks very comfortable. I need to buy a new mattress for my son. I will check this out.

  11. Wendy Polisi says

    Looks like I need to change my bed. I marveled at this brand because it will helps me sleep well and feel comfortable.

  12. Karissa @WithOurBest (@withourbest) says

    I love that the dog claimed space on the mattress first. Ha! Just like my dog would do too!

  13. Carol Bryant says

    Can I tell you that I love your dog. How stinkin cute is he in that little jacket? I also think having a solid mattress makes for a fab night’s sleep. I appreciate the insight into this brand.

  14. The Cubicle Chick says

    There is nothing like a good mattress. It’s all about sleep with me and comfortable sleep. ^yolonda

  15. We are going to need a new mattress soon and Tuff & Needles is one of the places I want to check out. If their mattresses are comfortable I will be so happy considering the prices are so good.

  16. That bed looks so comfy! I also love that it comes packaged that way, so easy to set up or even get into the house! Also, that doggy is too cute!

  17. Tessa @ Mama Smith's says

    This mattress sounds great! Our mattress is so old and uncomfortable. We need to replace it, and this one sounds like an excellent one.

  18. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says

    That sounds like an awesome mattress. If it’s good enough for your super cute pup, it’s good enough for me!

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