Turn Your Next Party into a Fiesta With These Tips and Tricks

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Looking to throw a party that all your friends will remember? Then it’s time you stopped thinking party and started thinking fiesta.

There are many different things to think about if you want to throw a fiesta in your home. You need to get the mood right so your party guests can get into the event and have a good time. To do this, you need to focus on food, drinks, music and decor.

If you want to take your fiesta fun to the next level, you can also consider theme clothing as well as the items you serve.    

Here are some tips to help you throw a great fiesta party for your next gathering:

  • Set the scene with color and decor. Real Simple.com provides some information on how to set the scene if you are going to throw a Mexican celebration.    As Real Simple points out, many decorations for Mexican parties tend to use bright colors like aqua, hot pink and lime. The bright and cheerful colors mean you can go wild and not worry about going overboard or clashing.  You can find many different Mexican-themed colorful decor items at party stores. For example, think about getting  a piñata, or finding paper flowers and themed-napkins.  You also don’t need to worry about having perfectly coordinated glassware or dishes, but just pick bright and cheerful serving ware.
  • Serve the right foodSargento has some great recipes like the one found in the previous link that you can use to prepare simple, easy and delicious food for your next fiesta. This recipe only calls for 7 ingredients. It’s quick and easy! And that’s not all—their recipes range from All-American patty melts to snack and tasting recipes and to recipes that focus on seasonal and healthy living.
  • Serve great drinks.  Real Simple.com suggests a fruity lemonade is a great choice for the kids who are attending the party.  Of course, for adults, you are going to want to have a little more traditional drink served at fiestas: Margaritas.  The Cooking Channel provides a list of the top 15 margarita recipes, including classic margaritas, frozen mango margaritas, spicy margaritas, whole citrus margaritas, pomegranate margaritas, lavender margaritas, and frozen cucumber margaritas.  Think about the tastes of your guests and the ingredients that you have on hand. If you can incorporate some fresh seasonal fruits into the margaritas that you serve, this will make a great drink even better.   Having a few different kinds of margaritas is sure to please all of your guests and to provide a refreshing option during the hot summer months.
  • Consider playing games. A piñata game is a classic game that people will enjoy and that Real Simple recommends. You can get piñatas in different shapes and sizes.  While piñatas are beloved at children’s parties, adults may also appreciate getting a chance to try their hand at breaking open a piñata as a nostalgic nod to the parties of their childhood. You can fill the piñata with delicious candy treats for people to enjoy at the party.
  • Think about paper flag garland as part of your décor. Cooking Channel TV recommends paper flag garland as one of its five key ingredients that you need to have a good fiesta (the other four include margaritas, of course, along with a piñata, succulent flavors and guacamole.)
  • Set the mood with music.  Ivillage.com sites music as one of the most important aspects of throwing a fiesta. Ivillage suggests that Mariachi music may be just the thing for your next fiesta.  While many people don’t have a lot of mariachi music to choose from in their personal collections, you can use online radio services like Pandora or Slacker radio to find the music that you need in order to set the mood.  It is possible to select a Mexican station from the genre music menu on online radio services. You can also build your own station by adding in Mariachi bands and other music from South of the Border.

By following these tips, you can throw a great Fiesta and everyone will have a great time. Fiestas are fun and casual parties perfect for any occasion and it is easy to make the party a success. Consider sending out theme invitations as well so your friends will know what to expect even before they arrive at your home for your special fiesta celebration. 

Disclaimer: Sargento covered the costs of the ingredients used in this recipe, but the opinions are my own.

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