Understanding The Needs Of A Senior

Childhood Routines

When everyone was born, we all needed someone to take care of us and practically do everything for us, such as change our clothes, change our diapers, feed, and burp us. Some of us had very little to no hair and absolutely no teeth to start out. None of us could walk, everyone carried us and about the only thing we really had time to do was sleep since that’s about all we really did in the beginning. Yes, life was something when we were babies. It is too bad we don’t remember any of it. 

As we got a little older growing into our childhood years, we needed our parents a little bit less every day. Our parents taught us how to do the basics in life that just come naturally to us today. That follows us all the way through senior living. Some of our falls and mishaps as children were usually falling off our bikes or running and tripping over our own feet skinning knees and elbows. Who was always there for us? Our parents were. They put the Band-Aids on our cuts, scrapes, and bruises. But life goes on and so does time.

Teenage Year Routines

These were the most wonderful times for us, whether we knew it or not. They were some of those moments when life kicks a person in the pants that we will never forget. Who was always there for us? Our parents were there. For many of us at our teenage years, it was also the hardest time. We were just starting to get used to life and what it really holds for us. A lot of us got in trouble, some of us pushed the limits on just how far we could really go. How many times did we hear our parents say, “I hope you have a child like you someday!” No matter whether our teenage years were good or bad, we pretty much mastered the basics in our daily routines and thought we knew it all like we were “10 feet tall and bulletproof,” as the saying goes.

Young Adult and Adult Years

By the time we reach our young adult and adult years, we realize that our lives are speeding up and the years are going by really fast. Most of the time, work and life’s problems are usually getting in the way of what we really want to do. We notice we start to have pains in places we didn’t realize we had when we were children and teenagers. Thank goodness we are still able to function properly as we still find ways to try to stay young and we try to keep drinking out the Fountain of Youth. Most of us are still lucky and blessed to have our parents around, as most of them are still able to help us when we need it. The help our parents give us now is usually advice or to take care of the grand babies, who hopefully are not like us as our parents said!

Senior Years

This is where life has come full circle, where we now realize that we just can’t do things quite as we used to as things tend to become a little more difficult. Some things we cannot do at all anymore. Though we still have our independence, there are some early signs we may just need that extra helping hand. For many of us, our parents have passed from this world, and by this time all we really have to rely on is our kids. That time has come where the time has flown by and we wake up one morning and realize we are officially seniors. Oh, but the stories we can tell to the younger generation. The people in the medical field become some of our best friends whom we see quite often. This is also the time where we may become residents at the assisted living centers. The fun does not stop there because there is still plenty of time for Bingo, card games, board games, movie nights, mingling, and making new friends. We are only as young as we feel no matter how old we get.

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