Unusual Cat Behaviors’ You Should Be Able To Understand

There’s a reason why cat videos tend to go viral nowadays, and that’s likely because feline behavior can be erratic and unexplainable, which never fails to draw smiles on our faces. That said, owning a cat makes you encounter oddest reactions and changes in behavior that may make you wonder if it’s common feline behavior, or if it’s an indicator that your pet needs medical attention. Cats are generally known to have quite an unusual temperament, but it’s essential to keep an eye out, seeing as sometimes erratic behavior is a sign of distress. 

Here are some cat habits that you may find unusual and what they mean. 


Although it’s not unusual for kittens to knead on your clothes, it can be quite unexplainable to you. As adorable as it may be, when cats dig their claws into your clothes repeatedly, it can be a little painful. Cats usually purr while they do this, while kittens may also suckle on bits of your clothes as though they’re breastfeeding. 

While it may look concerning, felines who have been separated from their mothers at a young age develop this habit in order to calm their separation anxiety and feel safe with their owners. Kneading is a sign of affection, and it means that your cat considers you its caretaker or parent. Some kittens grow out of this behavior, while other cats continue kneading even when they grow older. 

Head Bumping 

It can be a little startling when you’re trying to get work done, and you suddenly see your cat climbing up your desk to give you a surprise head bump. It surely looks affectionate, but it can result in a lot of head-scratching when you notice that your cat only does this with specific household members. 

While most people may think it’s only a greeting or a cry for attention, cats tend to do this with their favorite companions as a way of saying they love you. The cat behaviorists from Feline Living believe that it’s also a way of marking an owner, letting other pets know that they have claimed you as their own. However, you shouldn’t be concerned if your cat doesn’t do this with you, seeing as felines express their affection in many different ways.

Refusing to Eat Unless You Watch

It can be confusing when you fill your cat’s bowl and turn around, only to see your cat following you instead of eating its food. Some cats, especially newly adopted cats or kittens, may refuse to eat unless you’re watching them. And while it’s definitely a cute gesture, why they are doing it may concern you. In the wild, cats always take their prey to a safe hidden spot before they begin eating their meal because they feel vulnerable while they’re distracted by satiating their hunger. 

If your cat only eats while you’re watching, this means that it only feels safe to turn its gaze away from its surroundings when its caretaker is present for protection. This can be a sign of distress, or it can be a sign that your cat generally feels unsafe in your home for other reasons. Make sure that you set your cat its own space that it can consider its territory to avoid this clingy behavior. 

Drinking from the Toilet 

Lots of pets can develop a bad habit of drinking from the toilet bowl, but it’s not just a quirk, especially not when a cat does it. In fact, many cats seek different sources of water, such as dripping water from faucets and spilled liquid on the floor, instead of drinking from their own designated bowl.

If your cat does this, consider purchasing a water dispenser. Cats like to avoid stagnant water sources, and because your toilet flows with fresh water, your feline companion deems it a cleaner source than the still water in its bowl. This is because wild cats are used to drinking from rivers and streams, and would only drink from puddles as a last resort. A water dispenser or a cat water fountain will fix this habit, while closing the toilet lid is also advised to avoid having your cat slip and fall. 

Although it’s no surprise that cats can be curious critters, it’s important to know if signs of unusual feline behavior are indicators of something serious. If your cat refuses to eat from its bowl unless you’re watching, you may want to make your cat feel more secure in your home. On the other hand, if you see your cat sipping from the faucet or drinking from your toilet bowl, you may want to invest in a water dispenser for your pet. 

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