Ways to create the wow factor with your home design

We’ve all heard the term ‘wow factor’ but what does it mean? It’s the element of the room that draws your eye, that you love and can’t wait to copy in your own house. The following article lists some wow factors that you can create in your own house and how. It’s easier than you think.

Specific factors

We all know that there are certain features of a house that make it stand out. The following luxury items are what can take a house from great to spectacular.


  • Walk-in shower and renovated bathroom; The bathroom has undergone major changes over the last decade. Everyone wants space and little bit of luxury and this is more readily available now days. A walk in shower is a great way to add luxury to your bathroom and not use up too much room. A shower is a great way to start is with a shower, don’t you want it to be luxurious.
  • High end lighting fixtures; It really is the simple things that make a huge difference. Lighting creates the mood in the room so it really is worth the investment.
  • Designed landscape; Australians love the outdoors. We love to enjoy our summers outside with families and friends. Your garden should cater for this lifestyle. Take time when it comes to designing your garden, it is another room after all.
  • Renovated kitchen; The heart of the house. The kitchen should be simple and have all the gadgets necessary. It should be a warm and entertaining rom or area, you want to feel motivated to cook and spend time there.
  • Entertainment room; A separate room to keep your entertainment goodies in is a fantastic way to live a life or luxury. If you have enough space or room in your house you should have a entertainment area for the family and a formal sitting area for guests. This is a great way to entertain because you won’t have to worryabout cleaning up.

Why you need to wow

Why you should bother with wow factors? It is a great way to create a stylish home for yourself and family and will impress buyers when it comes to selling. Wow factors are memorable and you can list them in your home and land package description.


Think about homes that you have seen and loved. What made them stand out? What did you specifically love? Don’t be afraid to brainstorm, get some estimates and ask for advice or economical alternatives from a professional. The brainstorming process is just about getting you to think and decide what ideas are achievable. You can also workout if anything could be a potential DIY.

All it takes a little time. Sit down with your partner and think about what you would both like to add to your house. You want to get the most out of your house.

Written by Jasmine Poole

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