What do you like to do in your spare time? Here are 6 Ideas

In the last few years, many of us have been at home much more often than we used to or we are just a homebody like myself. Finding things to do when you are at home most of the time can be challenging.

Often times I do struggle with being bored if I’m not in the mood to get creative with crafting and such. But there are several other things I do enjoy doing in my spare time.

I have a few hobbies such as crafting, playing games, painting, and thrifting I enjoy doing as well as spending time with family and getting out and doing something together or watching a great flick.

If you haven’t tried painting pottery yet I highly recommend it. It was more fun than we had anticipated. Not only that it was very relaxing and also a great way to spend time with family or friends. Plus it’s a memory we will have forever.

On top of that, I enjoy molding polymer clay into jars of all shapes and sizes to look like mushroom houses. I use these jars to store anything from spare change or pretty much anything small. I also make larger ones that I use for things like flour and sugar.

I also found this free online game Ancient Egypt Mahjong which I just love! It’s easy to play and you don’t have to download any apps and it works great on my phone or laptop plus the load time is super fast. This site has tons of Mahjong games as well as others, however, Mahjong is a classic for me.

As you can see I spend a lot of time playing this game. More than I would like to admit. But that’s ok because it keeps me calm and relaxed when I need it.

If you are interested check it out. The gameplay is pretty solid and easy to use the site.

There is another game I enjoy that’s easy but also hard as it really gives your mind a challenge as you move further into the game and that’s called Circus Adventures: Free Online Hidden Objects Game.

This is a hidden object game and it gets really intense as you move further in the game. I really do enjoy the challenge. My husband and I often get involved in playing this together. Plus I like the extra help from him and the time spent together even if it is just playing an online game.

Thrifting on the weekends and painting by numbers are more things I really enjoy doing in my spare time. My last thrift find was this amazing vintage mushroom salt and pepper shaker set. I have a love for mushrooms, owls, and elephants.

And lastly, this is the paint-by-number I am currently working on since Christmas. I truly have a love for owls and I can’t wait to get this one finished. I plan to hang it in my kitchen.

What are some things you enjoy doing in your spare time?

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