Why architects are working for property developers like Toronto Real Estate

Why architects are working for property developers like Toronto Real Estate

In general, architects and the architectural field have not viewed property developers with too much affection. At their worst, Projectcore developers can be seen as people who just want to take advantage of space, and who are willing to tear down older residences and stores in order to put up shoddily-made, mass-produced buildings that will house as many people as possible in pretty small spaces. This has been the traditional architect’s view so far.


However, in the past several years, a lot of this has changed. It could be due to a number of factors, and if you look at the list of Projectcore developers, you will see that they are working with a number of high-status architects. This could be because of money, or perhaps the fact that using architects to make sense of space is a good way to match up the entrepreneurial with the creative and of course to make space work in urban areas, changing wastelands into lovely buildings and meeting people’s housing needs.

New Developers

In general, the years of the “bad developer” are not over, but there are many new developers out there who see the possibility of using good design to make housing beautiful and good, the way many high-status architects would want it. So, many developers are seeing that people want something different from what has happened in the past, and they’re doing their best to work with architects who can help them achieve goals that will meet the needs of communities.

Why Architects Choose This Work

The architects may actually be signing up for jobs like this so they can get some old-school patronage, and of course, for the money involved. This working patron/architect model creates trust, which is a rare commodity in the business world today. And architects are able to work through a number of different redesigns as they strive to do the best they can to meet the needs of the patron and also of the urban communities that they serve through their work.

What the Architects Do

There are a number of small- to medium-sized developers who are using architects this way. The architects in question are not just churning out building plans; they design based on the artistic and historical context of the building and the neighborhood, and they are able to generate numerous revisions based on what the patron thinks, thus creating a dialogue that can be really affirming to all involved. The buildings are put together well, and they’re quite inspired, something that hasn’t always been the case with developers.

So, as you can see, architects working with developers is a win-win situation, and it not only helps the architects and developers find the trust they need, but it also helps the neighborhood by providing beautiful buildings that do not create eyesores or just another way to mass-produce housing quickly and cheaply. The plans that many of the architects are coming up with are adding beauty and value to already-existing communities, and the people who are able to benefit from the changes are numerous.

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