Why Medical Supplies Are a Must-Have in Your Home

Having medical supplies in your home is very important, especially if you have children or elderly adults residing with you. Medical supplies that are most commonly used and stored within homes are thermometers, gloves, bandages, antibiotic ointments, and alcohol pads. By having these things in your home for emergencies, you will have what you need to quickly treat and clean small wounds and check for any fevers related to an infection or virus. Although these items may not be the overall solution to a medical problem, they can surely help treat the affected area while waiting on an ambulance or a ride to the hospital.


Thermometers are a very necessary medical supply to carry in your home, especially if there are children or elderly adults in the home. Fevers come on very quickly and are ideal to figure out what the exact temperature is before rushing anyone to the emergency room. Thermometers are also a great way to tell you if the acetaminophen or ibuprofen you distributed is working properly and helping to keep the fever down for the time being. By checking temperatures on a regular basis, you will be able to easier decide if the person with the fever requires medical attention or a good night’s sleep.


Bandages are very necessary for any household that has children or young adults residing in the home and they can easily be bought at medical supply stores. Scrapes and cuts seemingly happen on a regular basis with children so it is ideal to have them on hand for when an accident does occur. Bandages will help stop a wound from bleeding and will also allow you to cover the area so no germs can come into contact with the wound. Without bandages, a wound would be open to any bacteria in your home and could potentially become infected very quickly.


Gloves are extremely important when it comes to medical supplies you have in your home due to their use for sterile areas in your home or on your body. Gloves will protect you from passing germs to anyone with open wounds and will also help protect you from placing your hand in vomit, blood, or saliva. Even after using gloves for bodily fluid cleanup, or from dressing a wound, it is still important to use an antibacterial soap to wash your hands thoroughly with for added protection.

Antibiotic Ointment

Antibiotic ointment is important to have in a medical kit at your home in case you or someone in your family is injured on your property. The ointment will help protect the wound from germs entering the area and also help bacteria from building up and entering the bloodstream. The ointment should be added to even minor scrapes as germs can enter through the smallest opening in the skin and infect it within just a moment’s time.

Alcohol Pads

Making sure a wound is sterile is a critical step to avoid infections. Having alcohol pads on hand is most definitely beneficial for you to keep around. Alcohol pads are also great if anyone in your home is diabetic and needs the pads to cleanse their skin before injecting insulin into their body. Not cleansing your skin before an injection or around a wound can leave you susceptible to an infection or bacteria floating through the air.Medical supplies should be of importance in your household as accidents cannot simply be planned, and they commonly happen on a regular basis. Supplies in your home that are necessary to you and your family’s well-being are thermometers, alcohol pads, bandages, antibiotic ointment, and gloves. By having these supplies in your home, you will find that treating wounds and assessing an illness is much easier than having to run to the emergency room every time a family member falls ill or becomes injured. Most supplies are easy to obtain and cheap to purchase in bulk to help stock up for any injury or illness, big or small. Before shaking the idea off of stocking up, remember that your family’s health is what is most important in life

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