Why Should You Get a California Real Estate Broker License?

If you don’t work in real estate, you probably don’t think about the terminology much. You might think brokers and agents have the same job, for instance. You may think it’s semantics whether you hire a broker or an agent if you’re looking at some California real estate.

Broker and agent are not interchangeable, though. Getting a California real estate broker license opens up some doors that remain closed if you don’t have one.

We’ll discuss why you might get a California real estate broker license right now.  

Why Get into Real Estate?

First, let’s talk about the real estate industry in general. If you get into the California real estate profession, then you become a salesperson of sorts. You’re showing people homes, commercial buildings, or undeveloped land that they can use in various ways.

Many times, they need a particular thing, like a house where they can live with their family. Maybe you have someone who needs a larger home because they want kids soon.

You may have someone who needs a brick-and-mortar store location for the business they’re opening, or else they need some undeveloped land they can use for commercial or housing purposes.

You can help them find what they want, and they’ll appreciate that. When you show someone the perfect house or land parcel, you can see their eyes light up. They’ll likely thank you profusely.

This job makes you feel good. You can make money, and you’ll also help people get what they want. It’s supply and demand, and you help facilitate these transactions.

Why Get a California Real Estate Broker License?

As for the California real estate broker license, getting one helps you tremendously in this field. Once you become a broker, you uncap your earning potential. 

You can work as an agent, and when you do, you might earn more by selling more. However, as a broker, you can earn higher commissions.

You do similar work, but you’ll get more money through commissions simply because you’ve attained that broker status. It lets your clients know that you’re serious about real estate and that you’re also knowledgeable about it. You studied and took the necessary test.

You’re a Better Resource

As a broker, you’re a better resource. Your clients and would-be clients can ask you many questions about the land parcel, home, or commercial building you’re showing them, and you can quickly answer all those questions.

You can also set up your own company and lead your own team. You can open a brokerage, hire agents, and manage the office staff. You can earn commissions every time one of your agents sells a property.

You can be your own boss, and many people like that idea. You may have more responsibilities, but maybe you’ll like that leadership role.

Getting your real estate broker license might appeal, and if so, you should move forward. You can quickly take the necessary steps and change your life.   

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