With Woolite Everyday Keeps Clothes Looking New

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It’s the summer and kids will be outside playing around having fun in the sun, getting all dirty. As days pass kids’ clothes will get old, dirty, sort of worn out. Wouldn’t it be great to have a detergent that’s keeps clothes lasting longer, protects the color from fading, and maintains the fabric shape and elasticity?! With Woolite Everyday you can have a detergent that does just that!

With Woolite Everyday your clothes will fit and feel like new for longer with the Fiber-Flex Technology. Along with protecting clothes’ colors, and maintaining shape, Woolite Everyday helps protect fabric pulling and fuzz so fabrics feel soft and smooth, provides visible effects after 5 washes, keeps clothes looking like new even after 20 washes, and optimal balance of cleaning and caring.

With Woolite Everyday Keeps Clothes Looking New

Woolite Everyday has Fiber-Flex Technology which is a one of a kind advanced component to Woolite Everyday that improves the flexibility of clothes fibers so garments preserves their shape and fit longer.

I have two sons, an oldest one who works on his car a lot and always has oil stains on his clothes, and even the newest of his shirts get ruined fast. Since using Woolite Everyday his clothes have been in great shape, the colors of his shirts aren’t faded, they’ve kept their bright colors, and smell clean! My youngest son, if he isn’t playing the game, he’s eating, or riding his bike outside getting sweaty and dirty. Doing his laundry I find stains all over, jelly from lunch, Doritos cheese stains, juice stains, dirt, mud , whatever it may be, Woolite Everyday cleans clothes and has them feeling new for a long time.

Woolite is the perfect go to laundry soap for this year back to school season.

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