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As always we have family game night on Saturdays, sometimes we order pizza or we have cookies. Last time I wrote about one of our family game nights we had cookies and played an epic game called Say Anything by North Star Games. But this time I received a new game called, Wits & Wagers Party, it is also made by North Star Games, so I knew it was gonna be another amazing night. Wits & Wagers Party is for ages 8 and up but my youngest son was even playing it with us, and hes 7.  After looking over the box and reading the instruction, I figured out that it is somewhat like Say Anything, but with some twists. So if you have ever played Say Anything, you’ll love Wits & Wagers.


This family night we ordered pizza and had the whole family sit at the table. We’d eat pizza and play our new game, Wits & Wagers party addition.

As we ate our pizza my daughter read the instructions out loud and set up the game. Basically, everyone picks a dry erase marker, a white board of their liking and two tokens that match that board. Then some one had to be the questioner and a banker. The questioner would take 7 questions from the deck and read them to the rest of the group. And the banker would hand out the poker chips to winning people.

After the questioner reads the question to the group the questioner and the group write down an answer they think is right on their white boards and place it face down on the table. Depending on the number of the answer the white boards are turned over and and placed least to greatest from number one which is the Elvis card.

Then, before the answer is read aloud, each person uses their tokens that correspond with their white boards to make bets on other people’s answers or their own. Next the answer is read, and who ever’s answer is closest without going over wins that round, which means they get a poker chip, as well as who ever betted on them.

Since there are 7 question question cards the last question read means that people can bet using their poker chips to get a bonus. They can even bet on the Elvis card which pays double!

Ok, here is how it went down. My oldest son was the questioner and my daughter was the banker. Our first question was, “What percent of Americans believe that aliens have visited Earth?”
Everyone wrote down their answers and and slapped their board over on the table with the feeling of accomplishment, even though their answer probably wasn’t even close. Lol. But that still doesn’t mean you can’t win. As soon as everyone one was done they turned them back over and ordered them from least to greatest. There were some wacky answers, and some answers that actually made sense. 2%, 45%, 1%, 23%, and 819,394,001%. Since my youngest son was playing his answers weren’t quiet logical. Hahaha.

When I saw his answer I practically spit out my cheesey stick all over the table.

Then we betted on each other’s answer with our tokens and the questioner read the answer. The answer was 48%. Since my daughter had 45% written down she was the closet without going over, so she got 1 poker chip.

The winner of the game is who has the most poker chips.

At the end of the round my daughter was the winner with 6 poker chips!

Of course she rubbed it in our faces. Hahaha.

This game was pretty mind blowing. We learned some new odd facts about the world. Games like these really do get the family together to bond and have a good laugh with each other. Everyone had a good time, the game was fun and easy and according to everyone in my family they recommend Wits & Wagers to anyone who wants to spark up a quiet Saturday night with your family!

This is a great gift to give this Holiday Season. You can find it at your nearest Walmart.


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