2 DIY Headlight Restoration Ideas

2 DIY Headlight Restoration Ideas
Everyone loves to save money. Most people find if they can do it their self they will. Sometimes by doing it yourself you might save just a few dollars and other times you can save even hundreds of dollars. Especially when it comes household vehicles, because car expenses like repairs can become very pricey. So when it comes to the small things that can add up quickly try and see if it’s something you can do. Of course not if it’s something that can be destroyed if done the wrong way, then costing more money in the end. But simple things like headlight restoration, cleaning and waxing, changing windshield wipers, and more.   
Here are 2 DIY headlight restoration ideas that can save you money. These simple tips use products that most people already have in their homes if not they are very cheap, and not harmful.   
Step 1: Clean your headlights 
Step 2: Here is what you will need: 
    ● white toothpaste 
    ● cleaning rags 
    ● water for rinsing
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