3 Things To Consider When Buying Home In Florida

Just like my family many people come to Florida for vacations or to visit family and friends. After visiting it’s a place you never want to leave. What’s not to love? The sun is always shinning, they  ave beaches, the weather is nice year round, and south Florida estate homes are just beautiful. We moved to Florida 4 years ago and just love it. 

3 Things To Consider When Buying Home In Florida

Some of our favorite things to do in Florida now that we live here is going to the beach and flea markets on the weekends. Spending lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather when it’s not to hot. Also I work from home so I love to take my laptop out back and work on the screened in porch all day. And lots of BBQ’s!

After your vacation in Florida next thing you know you are you are searching for the home of your dreams on Sothebys International Realty at www.susanrindley.com. But it’s important that you know some important things before signing a contract on a new home or your dream condo. 

 3 Things To Consider When Buying  Home In Florida:

The Weather
Before moving right away after you have found your dream home, consider staying for a couple months with a friend or family so you can get a good idea of how the weather is. I am not trying to stop you from moving to Florida, but help you from having buyers remorse. The weather here in Florida is very hot during summer, spring and fall. Many people do things here during the winter when the average weather is 70 to 75 degrees.

Sinkhole Insurance
Before buying a home in Florida you will need sinkhole insurance. One state that experiences sinkhole activity more than any other state is Florida. Florida Statute 627.706 requires every insurer authorized to sell property insurance in Florida to also provide coverage for catastrophic ground cover collapse. Also sinkhole damage is not always covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.  Because the law in Florida defines sinkhole damage differently from catastrophic ground cover collapse.

And lastly lets not forget about Florida bugs. Not only are there more but their also bigger. While living in Florida you can expect to see bugs in your home. The most common ones you might see are ants, palmetto bugs and spiders. One of the best ways to keep them at bay is a product I swear by called Ortho Home Defense.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all this information. I never thought much about Sinkhole insurance.

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