5 Tips on Preventing Common Car Breakdowns


5 Tips on Preventing Common Car Breakdowns

As drivers we have quite a lot in common. Although we drive different cars, have different driving styles, etc. we all have been in the same situations with our cars. Breakdowns. You might think in that moment when your car has broken down, “Why me? Why does this only happen to me?!” That’s where you are wrong, we have all been there. Some have been there too many times, so there has to be ways to prevent the most common reason our cars breakdown. There is! Here are a few of the most recurrent causes your car fails and how to avert that from happening.

1. Flat, bald or blown tire.
At least ones of these has happened to all of us at one point in our lives. Even when you may least expect it to happen. On the way to work, in busy traffic, in the middle of nowhere sometimes. But there are a few things you can do to prevent any of them happening. With a flat or blown tire, you can use a tire gauge to check the tire pressure to know if you may need to add air or let some air out. Some times, during the summer heat it can inflate your tires, which makes them blow out. It’s better to always check your tire pressure so you have knowledge of the levels than to not check it and something happens that you could have potentially prevented. Bald tires are very dangerous to drive on, without grooves and tread there is no tire to road friction which can make you slip around when turning corners or not come to a full stop when braking. Resulting in something deadly. To check if your tires are bald and need to be changed, you can use a penny. Stick the penny in between the grooves, if you see most of the head on the coin you should think about getting new tires. However, if there is no grooves or tread whatsoever, you definitely need to change your tires ASAP. If you run into one of these problems though, make sure you have the required equipment and knowledge or have a trustworthy mechanic on speed-dial to hep change your tire.
2. Dead or corroded battery. 
Just think, you are in the grocery store shopping going about your day, then you come out and are about to head home, and BAM, car won’t start. A dead battery have a few things that factor in to why it is dead. Either it has reached it’s end, and in that case you need to get a new one and make sure you are aware of the life of you battery so you know when to get it changed and how long you have. Also, sometimes leaving lights on, or using the electronic ports in the car while the engine is off can use battery life. So in the future make sure all your lights off when you leave the car, exterior and interior. As well as, if you’ve ever been in the car and were listening to the music or charging your phone or tablet while the car was off, that could be the reason as well. A corroded battery can result in a dead one too. Corrosion is causes by fumes coming from the battery itself mixing with the particles around the battery, thus creating corrosion on the connectors and terminals. To prevent this from happening before it is too late take it in to get checked, regular maintenance.  In addition, there are spray battery protectors that protect the terminals and connectors from corrosion. Anti-corrosion gels, and felt terminals that can help as well. If you are unsure which to use or which is best for you car, take it to a mechanic and see which they recommend.
3. No gas.
This shouldn’t be an issue but it is for some of us. Some drivers either think they “know” their car and try to o 50 miles on 1/4 tank of gas. Or you may not have any money, or even you may be driving for so long and there is no gas station anywhere near by. To stop yourself from being stuck on the road with an empty tank, keep a stash of emergency money in your car for situations like this. And of course, just pre-plan and make sure with the amount of gas you have can get you from point A to point B.
4. Over-heating. 
Overheating can be caused by a coolant system leak, radiator issues, head gasket, etc. Or just low levels of fluids, over the summer months the heat makes the engine work harder thus using more liquids than normal. The fluids help keep the engine and certain parts cool and all running smoothly and in sync. If you know how make sure, to check your car fluids frequently. Get the proper fluids at the auto store as well to change it if needed. Change the fluids before you car lets you know, be ahead of the game. If you do run into this problem, it is known if you turn off you a/c and switch to the heat, the extra fans will blow on the engine to help cool it down. You can do this until you get to a safe spot.
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5. Bad brakes. 
Ever heard that squealing or loud screeching while driving or coming to a stop. Probably thought, “Wow that persons car sounds terrible.” Only to find out it was your car the whole time. Worn brakes can be a major issue and it happens to all of us. Worn brakes can make it very hard and nearly impossible to stop. Would you really want to be going 75+ on the highway and there’s stopped traffic and you can’t stop! That’s a disaster waiting to happen. You can easily spot worn brakes, by the sounds and just when driving. If you hear screeching or squealing when you try to come to a stop, it’s time to change them. Or if you’re driving and it’s taking long for your car to come to complete stop even with the brake pedal all the way down, it is time to change them. Don’t wait to change them, it is best to do so if you can at the first sign. You never what could happen.
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